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What Should You Expect from a Full-Service Video Production Agency

full-service video production agency

If you are finding it difficult to get all the elements of a video production process together, then it is time to look into a full-service video production agency! Producing a high-quality video, whether it is an animation video, customer testimonial video, explainer video, induction video, or brand video, requires skillset, time, and technology. 

Hiring a full-service video production agency is a one-stop solution for all your video production needs and thus, the best bet on your time and resources. Here’s what you can expect when you onboard a video production company! 

Do You Need a Creative Video Production Agency? 

Yes! Now, is the time to invest in your video marketing strategy! A video production agency offers a number of services spanning preproduction, production, and post-production stages. Here’s why you need a full-service video production agency

  • Expertise and experience: Video production companies know what attracts customers from the experience gained. Whether it is a complex or insipid idea, the video production team can bring it to life. They understand the right mix of audio, lighting, directing, editing, and visual effects to make your video get noticed, whilst reducing the turnaround time.
  • Equipment: Since a full-service video production agency is continually working with clients, they have the best equipment and software. Plus, they have the right skill set to use these equipment to their maximum potential.
  • Logistics and post-production:  You don’t need to worry about anything that is involved in the filming or even post-production. They will arrange and schedule everything in between to give you the final deliverable.
  • Time management: Since they are experts in their field, they will give you a clear timeline of milestones, where and how your team will be involved, what inputs will be required, and what could be the factors that could impact or delay the delivery of the videos.
  • Cost-effective: Working with a video production company will eliminate the need of acquiring, maintaining, and upgrading the equipment and technology that keeps changing every few years, saving a lot of money. 

What to Expect from a Full-Service Video Production Agency

A full-service video production agency offers a range of services to help you create a high-quality video as per your business needs. It can work with you at any stage of the video production process—as early as creative conception to post-production editing. 

After you have done your thorough research on their portfolio, team, and capabilities, here’s what you can expect in terms of services and support. 

#1 Onboarding

The first step is not only to get to know the team but also to dive deeper into your needs. Make sure there is clear two-way communication from the conception of the project to the launch. 

Exchange as much information as possible about your objectives, preferences, expectations, etc. For instance, to begin with, a video production agency would need to know the following: 

  • Any particular video type or style you like? It is always good to share examples of what you love and dislike
  • What is your target audience and objective?
  • Any particular brand guidelines that they must follow? 
  • What is your preferred way of communication and project management? Any specific tool for collaboration and meetings you would want them to use?
  • What limitations/restrictions can be expected from them?
  • What are the possible milestones and durations
  • Who all key people are there in the team and their expertise? For instance, account manager, creative director, producer, director of photography, director, graphics artists, writer, editor, sound engineer, etc. 
  • What are the T&C, fees, ownership rights, warranties, rush fees, revisions, edits, etc.? 

The main idea here is to let them know your working style, expectations, and how well they can accommodate you. 

#2 Preproduction and project flow 

Every full-service video production agency will have a different video project workflow. That’s why it is important to know the steps involved in pre-production support. 

  • Concept development: Your team will get involved in analyzing current marketing strategies and what is expected in the future or out of the campaign. The agency can do a competitor analysis to know what others are doing in video marketing. 
  • Scriptwriting and storyboarding: An AV script is written by the agency’s writers based on the key messaging. Be mindful to check on the number of revisions or edits as part of your contract. Once the script is done, the agency will create a storyboard to help you visualize the color palette, location setting, how the character will appear, etc. You can think of it as a detailed mood board. 
  • Listing shots to be included in the video (shot list): The video production agency will work with you to finalize the shot list. This will include shots, how they will appear, what time, the flow, description, dialogue, etc. 
  • Scouting for location: The agency will look for the locations for shooting which are reviewed by your team and then finalized. The video agency will handle the legal paperwork, rentals, permits, insurance, logistics, etc.
  • Sourcing for actors/talent: The video production agency will look for the casting actors and voiceover artists but again your team will review and approve the final artists. 
  • Arranging/renting equipment: Depending on the production needs, the agency will look into the equipment and software requirements. If they have it in-house or need to contract from a third-party supplier will be discussed and approved with your team. 
  • Hiring contractors: In most cases, if there is any need to hire contractors for a requirement, the agency will look into the service providers and go through the process of approval from your team. This can also include renting or buying props and costumes. 

#3 Video production

This is the stage where storyboards come to life with audio, lights, characters, dialogues, etc., and requires a great deal of project management. 

  • Video production: The producer from the agency is the main point of contact and is involved in all stages of production. It involves overseeing and coordinating budget, talent, equipment, etc. There are various types of video production services offered. For instance, explainer video production services, how-to video production services, product marketing videos, training video or case study video production services, and much more. 
  • Creative direction: The director of cinematography directs the making of the film with the camera operator (cameraman), talents, and equipment (high def camera, mic, etc.) to capture the story on the screen.
  • Audio engineering: The audio engineer from the video production company will control the sounds on the location during recording by mixing and manipulating through specialized equipment and set-ups. 

#4 Post-production 

A full-service video production agency will also offer services post-production to give you the final, edited deliverable. 

  • Video editing: The video production company will be responsible for trimming or re-sequencing segments, adding titles/subtitles, incorporating transitions, exposure adjustments, frame cropping, etc in the raw footage file.
  • Color grading:  Color grading and correction is all about stylizing video to change the color qualities of certain images captured to showcase the mood or tone. The video production will take care of this at their studio. 
  • Visual effects and animation: The video production agency will modify or manipulate imagery (CGI/VFX/SFX) in the video based on the initial discussions. 
  • Voiceover recording: The agency will arrange for voiceovers that can help add additional information to your video, or describe, explain, highlight the context, etc.
  • Sound mixing and editing: It involves matching audio levels of different sounds in the video such as background music, voiceovers, dialogues, etc. The video production company offers this service as well. 

Apart from that, many full-service video production agencies offer studio hire services for you to use that space for recording your videos or live streaming. 

Final Words

A full-service video production agency can assist you in all stages of the video production process. They take away the stress of all the elements ranging from concept development and script writing to video editing and voiceovers. When choosing a video production company for your business, make sure to browse through their services, video portfolio, as well as reviews and ratings from their clients. 

BOXmedia is an award-winning full-service video production agency offering a range of services for over ten types of videos that can help your business grow. To know more, get in touch with us today!