How-To Video Production Services

How-to video production services

How-to videos are a powerful form of content marketing that can help you create and nurture a loyal online audience of brand advocates, through the creation and distribution of genuinely valuable content. How-to video production services are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to engage an audience with tutorials on how to get things done. 

How-to videos have been shown in many studies to be more engaging than text or audio alone, which is why they’re such a great tool for educators and business owners alike. This article will discuss some best practices for creating your own how-to video content, as well as some tips on getting started in this exciting new industry!


What is How-To Marketing?

How-To Marketing is the next generation of online marketing. How-to content has been around forever, but with the advancement in technology and social media, knowing how to produce How-To Videos will take your business to the next level! How-to videos are proven to boost conversion rates because they’re easy for people to digest information. 

How-to videos can produce results that are up to 10 times better than the industry average. How-to marketing allows you to provide your audience with easier ways to digest information. 

How-to videos are perfect for e-commerce, education websites, or any business looking to increase conversions. How-to videos are also great for internal communication within a company because it provides employees the knowledge they need to complete tasks. 

How-to videos are also great for blogging websites, searching “how-to blog” on Google will bring up millions of results. How-to guides are really just another form of content marketing that you can use to drive traffic back to your website and social media channels.

Benefits of How-to videos for your business

• How to videos provide valuable insights into your business

• Inform audiences about what problems you solves and why they should buy from you

• Bring in prospective customers through informative viral marketing campaigns 

• Potential to see a high ROI on investment

• The perfect resource for content marketing

• Easily sharable and can bring you a steady flow of organic traffic

• High level of engagement with the audience

• A powerful tool for marketers looking to connect with new audiences

Do I need How-To Video Marketing?

How-to video service is something that companies large and small can benefit from. How-to video marketing services are particularly useful for businesses just entering the market, as they provide an engaging organic method of sharing information that could possibly provide more value over others in your field. 

How-to video marketing is all about providing information to the consumer in an engaging way, and that is why it’s such a powerful form of content marketing, to begin with!

How-to video production services can create valuable tutorials on anything from how to use products properly, to assembling furniture out of IKEA manuals that could help sell more products online.

Things to consider while creating how-to videos

• How-to content falls into two main categories: How-to informational videos and How-to demonstration videos.

• How-to informational video tutorials should be more educational and informative, while How-to demonstration videos can be a little bit more entertaining.

• First and foremost, it is important to remember that How-To Videos should be informative, so give your How-To Video Marketing a purpose.

• How-To Videos should answer questions and provide content that the audience is looking for, not just fun videos with no real information or value to it.

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Our approach to how-to video production

Our video production approach is rooted with a desire to produce high-quality content and get it done on time. We can handle all aspects of your video production, from planning, to shooting, editing, animation, VFX, grading, hosting and distribution.

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Really enjoyed the experience of working with a highly professional team. The ideas and energy they brought to the video shoot was great! I would highly recommend anyone who is looking to promote their business through the power of video, to talk to BOXmedia.

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A creative team who are well versed and overall a smooth experience. Anyone who is thinking of producing video content, to talk to BOXmedia.
Harnek Singh, Chair of Trustees


Increase awareness on social media and drive sales.

High quality production. Easy to work with. They just got on with it.
Harry Sekhri, MD

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Winning more business with video

The best marketers know that testing new channels and tactics before going all-in is the best approach. With every business resources can run thin, so you want to make sure you’re spending your time and budget wisely.

Video helps you build trust, establish credibility of your work, team and company better than any other medium.

Now that you know How-to Marketing is the new wave of online marketing, it’s time for you to take action and contact our How-to video production services!