7 Tips to Choose the Right Video Production Agency

video production agency

According to a recent survey, 94% of the marketers agreed that video has helped them increase the understanding of their products and services. Well, marketers cannot deny the use of videos as a powerful marketing tool—videos continue to be a major part of their marketing strategy to reach out to the target audience. However, 23% of non-video makers do not use videos because of a lack of time. So, what is the solution? Find the right video production agency that can deliver the video content you need in a compelling way and benefit your brand!

In this article, we will share proven tips to help you find the right video production agency. So, let us dive in.

Top 7 Tips for Choosing the Right Video Production Agency

Before you begin to search, it is important that you also have clarity on the project and content strategy. To begin with, add details about your business or brand, the objectives of your video marketing strategy, your target audience, the key information or messages you would want to convey, as well as your budget and timeline. The next step is to shortlist agencies.

Tip #01: Look into their portfolio

The portfolio of a video production agency can help you assess the quality as well as the diversity of the videos created for different clients. You may easily find the portfolio on their website. This will help you know whether they specialise in the type of video you are looking for—whiteboard, live action, animation, etc., or explainer videos, training videos, or corporate video, the industries they have worked in, whether the videos are engaging and much more.

Thus, this can be a good starting point to know if that video production company can be a good fit.

Tip #02: Know their video production team

It is equally important to know the creative team you will be working with including animator, illustrator, content creator, director, or voice-over professionals. Understand their skillset and recent work to assess whether they can produce the quality content you need. You can also visit their profiles for more information.

Tip #03: Ask questions

You should prepare a list of questions you might want to ask during your initial meeting to know more about their approach to the creative video production process. This will help you get some insider details. You may ask the following question.

    • What creative development process does your team follow, from beginning to completion of the project?
    • Do they have clarity on your business, brand, concept, and goals—raise awareness, or bring more sales, etc.?
    • What different types of video services do they offer to potential customers?
    • How long will it take to complete the project?
    • Have they managed a client of your company size?
    • How many revisions or edits would they do?
    • Do they also handle the distribution of the video content?
    • How will your team be engaging with yours and what kind of inputs will be expected from you?
    • Do they also provide a voice-over with the video content?
    • Is script writing included in the contract or need to be paid separately?
    • What are some of the variables that can impact the timeline and budget of the project?
    • What suggestions do they have on creating great video content based on their experience and expertise?

Tip #04: Get a quote

You as a client should have a budget in mind before you initiate discussions with the video production company. Once you are convinced of the work and expertise, it is important to get a quote. This will help you make a trade-off between the quality and the price.

Usually, it is suggested that you take quotes from four to five companies to know the average asking quote. You can also ask them to share cost estimations for each milestone or the breakdown costs of the steps involved in the entire process to make the right choice.

Tip #05: Know their digital experience

When choosing a video production agency, ensure that they do have a digital marketing experience. It is not just about producing high-quality films but helping brands get real results. Their expertise will not only help them produce video content with high production value but also optimise it according to the best SEO practices for better reach and engagement.

Tip #06: Assess their customer service

Now, it may seem a bit out of context but this can help you understand how they handle their clients. Evaluate your experience in terms of how quick were they in responding to your queries, how effectively they understood your brief in initial discussions, did they ask relevant questions, or did they make suggestions or shared their experience of a similar project or client.

Tip #07: Check ratings and reviews

A client’s ratings or reviews of a video agency can also help you make the right decision. You can find the testimonials on the website as well on the internet search. This will also help you understand which sector they worked in, what was the experience, and whether they were able to deliver results.

Final Words

With a plethora of video production companies at your disposal, it may appear tricky to choose the best one. The video agency that meets your requirements within the stipulated timeframe and budget might not just be enough when it comes to telling your story that touches hearts. You have to consider other factors discussed above to make the right choice and make your video content strategy a success!

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