The Incredible Power of Video Case Studies: How They Can Help Grow Your Business

Video case studies

As a business owner or marketer, you must be well aware that you need to connect with your customers; storytelling is a proven way to make that connection. This is where video case studies come in! A video case study is an effective way to tell a story through your clients or customers. A powerful and persuasive marketing tool, these videos prove the value of your business, attract new customers, drive conversions and profitability, and much more. 

What makes them stand apart from the text-based case study is the addition of a personal element that humanizes your brand. This helps your customers understand how your product or service is solving business problems in the real world. If executed professionally, video case studies can help your business grow. Let us know how! 

What Is a Video Case Study? 

A video case study is a type of video marketing tool that helps you showcase the value of your service or product through your customers or clients. Based on the problem-solution approach, you can discuss a case study (previous successful projects) and to make it more authentic add your customer’s testimonials. In brief, an impactful video case study would include an interview with your customers, a description of how your business helped solved a problem, show supporting statistics or figures, and most importantly talk about the benefits and not just features. 

Type of Video Case Studies 

You can use the following types of video case studies for your business. 

  • Customer testimonials: These videos are very direct and let your customers share their experience with your product and service. You can ask questions such as what issues they were facing, why did they choose your product, how the product helped their business (you can include facts and figures here too), and more. 
  • Customer reviews: In this type of video, your customer can primarily focus on the features and benefits of using your product or service. 
  • Case study narratives: It is more technical and a bit complex than the above two types. You can include a problem statement, quotes or interviews from the customer, graphs and tables, animation, graphics, and other elements to make it more appealing. 

Where Can You Use Video Case Studies 

Once you have your impactful video case study, it is time to get it out for maximum outreach. Fortunately, you can use these videos for a long time if there has been no considerable change in your product and service. Plus, because of the versatility, you can use it across different marketing platforms both offline and online. 

  • Embed it on your website on the home page, product page, landing page, or a case study page if you have one
  • Add it to your email marketing campaigns to share with your leads 
  • Include in your product or corporate presentations, sales pitch, etc.
  • Share on different social media accounts 
  • Promote it in a digital ad campaign

Why Should You Use Video Case Studies  

Video case studies offer various benefits to your business from increasing brand awareness to attracting new customers. Here are some more reasons to add these videos to your marketing arsenal. 

  • Credibility: Since you showcase your successful projects in a video case study, it helps build your brand’s trust and credibility as a solution provider. It helps your customers visualize what they can expect from a collaboration with you. 
  • Engagement: Video is easy consumable content and able to capture your customer’s attention more than text-laden materials. With easy-to-understand information in a visual format, it leaves a lasting impression on your audience. 
  • Sharable: Videos can be strategically shared with your leads, on social media platforms, landing pages, in newsletters and more!
  • Emotional: Since video case studies use personal elements in the form of customer testimonials, it is easier to connect emotionally with customers. 

Create a Successful Video Case Study in 8 Simple Steps 

  1. The foremost step is to determine the objective of the video and your target audience. The more you know about your potential customers, you will be better equipped to know their pain points and objectives to make an appealing video.
  2. Make a list of the important questions you want to ask them. For instance, what problems they were experiencing, how your product helped, etc. Make sure to weave your story including these answers around the key message you would want to convey. You would want to focus on how you are different from your competitors, what your customers care about, how your business helps them achieve, and more.
  3. Identify the customer whom you would like to interview for your video case study narrative. When making a decision, choose the customer that aligns with your target audience, should have a compelling story, should be comfortable in front of the camera, and have strong statistics to support the case study.
  4. Make a storyboard and decide what sequence you would want to follow. For instance, you may want to introduce the character first, then discuss the problem, then your solution, and provide the next steps for your target audience to act on. Make sure to add a clear call to action in the end.
  5. Start writing your script. At this stage, you can either do it on your own or hire a professional video marketing company to help you with an end-to-end solution. Keep your video script concise and crisp.
  6. Support your case study narrative with stats and figures. You can showcase how your solution helped increase sales, drive conversion, generate more revenue, etc.
  7. Select the location and the equipment you would need for shooting the video. Identify all the creative and technical requirements for the video production. You can make this easier by hiring a professional video marketing company for a quick and hassle-free production process.
  8. Once the recording is done, now is the time to fine-tweak graphics, animations, voice, background music, transitions, etc. to make an impactful video case study for your audience.

Final Words

Video case studies are a compelling marketing tool for showcasing the value of your product or service. Because of their versatility, credibility, emotional quotient and high engagement rate, these videos can help your business attract new customers, drive sales, and nurture your leads. 

Know how Boxmedia can help you create powerful video case studies to accelerate your outreach plans!