Top 7 Benefits of Working with a Marketing Video Production Company

marketing video production company

Video content, undoubtedly, is a major marketing tool with around two-thirds of marketers agreeing that they will either increase or spend the same amount on videos in 2022. Now, deciding to go with a video marketing strategy is easy but how to go about it may be challenging for some. Do you go for an in-house team or work with a marketing video production company? What are the next steps? It may appear that with smartphones video recording and editing has become much easier but when it comes to making an impact on your investors or customers, it is the combination of storytelling, audio, aesthetics, visuals, and much more.

In this article, we will take you through all the practical reasons for choosing and working with a professional marketing video production company!

What Does a Video Production Process Look Like

Usually, a video production process is divided into three stages.

  • Pre-production: This step includes identifying the goal or objective of your video, target audience, and method of delivery. Moreover, you need to define a budget, start the creative development process with scriptwriting and storyboarding, scout the right talent, finalise location and casting, check permissions (if any), arrange for equipment or rentals, and hire contractors (if required).
  • Production: This actual step of producing the video involves both the staffing and equipment including the director, light operator, audio engineer or artist, production assistant and equipment such as a high-definition camera, grip, lighting, mic, etc.
  • Post-production: As soon as the filming is completed, this stage begins. It may involve file management, video editing, motion graphics, animation, voiceovers or voice-acting, colour grading, file delivery, etc.

Top 7 Benefits of Working with a Marketing Video Production Company

Here’s why you need to work closely with a marketing video production company to take your video content strategy to the next level.

#01: Expertise and experience

The video production companies know what attracts the customers from the experience gained by working alongside various organizations across industries. Whether it is a complex or insipid idea, the video production team has the expertise to bring that idea to life. They understand the right mix of audio, lighting, directing, editing, and visual effects to make your video get noticed and also know how to quickly troubleshoot if faced with an issue, reducing the turn-around time.

#02: Equipment

Just acquiring equipment may not help businesses achieve the desired video quality. Since a video agency is continually working with clients, they have the best equipment and software. Plus, they have the right skillset to use these equipment to their maximum potential to create a professional video for your brand. Since the technology keeps evolving every couple of years, this may be an added cost for in-house teams both in the short and long term.

#03: Logistics and post-production

Working with a creative video production company will ensure that you would not have to worry about anything that is involved in the filming or even post-production. They will arrange and schedule the professional video crew for shooting, prepare the site, source music and voice-over artists, as well as post-filming edits and animation to enhance the visual appeal of the final deliverable.

#04: Time Management

The involvement of a creative video production agency will help you save time. How? Since they are experts in their field, they will give you a clear timeline of milestones, where and how your team will be involved, what inputs will be required, and what could be the factors that could impact or delay the delivery of the videos. Moreover, they will proactively cater to the issues to avoid any shortfalls.

#05: Cost-effective

As discussed above, working with a video production agency will eliminate the need of acquiring, maintaining, and upgrading the equipment and technology that keeps changing every few years, saving a lot of money. Moreover, since they also help you save time by delivering video sooner, you can reap the benefits of your video marketing strategy.

#06: New customers

A video agency can help you reach out to new customers to expand your digital footprint. Working with an agency can also help you explore marketing interests even outside your own industry with their unique storytelling and expert knowledge about what customers prefer. Whether it is a corporate video, animated video, promotional video, or training video, their teams deliver results that appeal to a wider range of target audiences.

#07: Creative Conception

Script-writing is a very critical aspect of video production and not everyone is a natural storyteller. Working alongside a creative agency will ensure that you get to work with the right talent who understands your brand, product and audience to narrate the story impactfully. Since they know what are the latest trends and how other brands are tapping the power of video marketing, they can come up with unique, out-of-the-box ideas to drive your message.

How to Find the Right Marketing Video Production Company

Your search for the right marketing video production agency begins with evaluating the agency’s portfolio. You also need to consider the following criteria:

  • Know the video production team and their skillsets as well as experience.
  • Ask relevant questions about the video production process, budgeting, timeline, possible delays, etc.
  • Get quotes from multiple contenders to make the right choice between value, quality, and cost savings.
  • Understand their digital marketing experience in terms of optimisation, distribution, etc.
  • Read through their reviews and ratings to assess how other businesses have judged their work.
  • Evaluate their customer service based on your initial conversations, handling of your requests, and their understanding of your business.

Final Words

Now, you are well equipped to make the decision of choosing the marketing video production company to save time and money, maximise your video’s impact, uncover out-of-the-box creative ideas, and reach out to newer customers. So, find the right video agency that will take away your worries and effectively handle your timeline, budget, creative idea, messaging, and the brand value to produce videos which strike a chord with your target audience.

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