5 Video Analytics Metrics You Should Be Tracking

5 Video Analytics Metrics You Should be Tracking

Video Analytics Metrics

As a business owner, you know that video is a powerful marketing tool. But are you using video to its full potential? Are you tracking the right video analytics metrics? In this blog post, we will discuss 5 video analytics metrics that you should be tracking. By tracking these metrics, you can improve your Video ROI and generate more leads and sales for your business!

Why Is It Important to Know Video Marketing Metrics?

Before we discuss the specific video analytics metrics, it is important to understand why tracking video marketing metrics is so important. Video is a powerful marketing tool because it can be used to create an emotional connection with your audience.

Video metrics are the key to improving your marketing. It’s only through tracking views, attention spans and more that we can identify which videos work for us in generating leads or cracking key accounts!

Video data is a powerful source of information for teams who want to understand their customer’s needs. Unlike blog posts, eBooks and emails which only tell you whether someone visited or opened something; videos produce intent-data that can be used by marketers in measuring how much video an individual prospect watched as well what parts they rewatched while consuming it–and even whose content might have been shared with them via social media channels!

5 Important Video Analytics Metrics That You Should Track

Now that we understand why video analytics is so important, let’s discuss the five video analytics metrics that you should be tracking.


Views are one of the most important video analytics metrics. Views indicate how popular your video is and can help you determine whether or not your target audience is interested in your content. Video views are also important because they show how well your video is doing on social media.

Watch Time:

Video time is the total amount of minutes your viewers have spent watching a video. It measures how engaged they are with what you’re broadcasting and can help determine whether or not there’s room for more content like yours in this searcher’s feed!

Average View Duration:

You can use the average view duration to understand how long your viewers spend watching you. For instance, if they’re spending less time on each individual video but still averaging out at 30 seconds per viewing then it would be safe enough for those with shorter attention spans or who just want an easy way through their day without having anything too complicated before them – though this may not apply in all situations!

Audience Retention:

Knowing how to retain your audience is important for understanding what’s going on with their retention. Drops in the curve can help you identify when they stop watching, so if there’s an sudden decrease at one point during a video then look into that section or previous aspects not calling out as much interest from viewers to see why this happened! In addition YouTube will also display any relative dropoffs since these show portions of videos which had lower viewership rates than other parts–giving creators more insight into where improvements could be made next time around

Click-Through Rate:

Video click-through rates are often overlooked by marketers, but it’s important to know. The total views divided by the number people who clicked will give you an accurate representation of how interesting your video content is for prospects and customers alike!

Video titles are key to optimizing your video’s click-through rate. Make sure the title is intriguing, without giving away too much about what you’re actually going to show in the content itself – provide just enough information so that people know why they should watch it and how best for them get started watching!

If you want to make sure that people are clicking on your video, then test out different thumbnails.


Video analytics is extremely important for understanding how your videos are performing. By tracking the five video analytics metrics mentioned in this blog post, you can improve your marketing strategy and create content that engages your target audience.

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