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Strategic Engagement Partner

“No matter what you do, your job is to tell your story.” – Gary Vaynerchuck
In a world in which your message must compete against millions of others every single day, you need a comprehensive marketing strategy to secure success. Our in-depth understanding of video and our extensive experience working with UK-wide and multinational brands has inspired us to develop a fully inclusive package which enables our clients to implement a holistic, lucrative marketing campaign.  As a partner we can achieve client objectives through a variety of customised advertising solutions, created bespoke to suit your business and goals. This eliminates wasted time and therefore saves money – allowing you to get the best outcomes for your business in a cost-effective and efficient way. We don’t just think about the what – we consider the where, the why, the how and the who. So how could a strategic engagement partnership with BOXmedia give your business a significant advantage over competitor brands?

What does being a strategic engagement partner involve?

Our preferred strategic partner product is specifically designed for clients who wish to use one company for all customer communication – delivering seamlessly integrated, distinctive, captivating brand marketing services. As a strategic partner we offer all of our key services, including:

  • Digital branding (This includes digital signage and animations)

  • Marketing and promotional videos (Promotional videos demonstrating products or services that you offer in an immersive way)

  • Conference sales event coverage (Including awards ceremonies or other company events)

  • HR training strategies (Strategies for using video to help boost training, recruitment and other HR related activities)

  • Video newsletters (Using video to supplement text is proven to lead to higher engagement in company newsletters)

Over a three year long programme we will continuously implement a targeted, focused strategy. Starting with a select number of elements we develop and grow your brand profile incrementally. This long-term approach brings plenty of valuable data – and crucially it allows for systematic, insightful methodology.

“Our success has really been based on partnerships from the very beginning.” – Bill Gates

Introducing strategic engagement partnership from BOXmedia

We seamlessly conduct our partnerships and product provision to allow for multiple components to come together simultaneously. Cutting-edge technology combined with our unique tried and tested process and specialist team of hand-picked experts gives us the capability to design, develop, produce and promote entire campaigns from inception to delivery. This unlocks numerous opportunities to engage fresh audiences, claim your market share and nurture valuable long-term customer relationships.

Creating extraordinary brand experiences

The diversity of our skills and product offerings allows us to explore the potential of numerous channels to deliver compelling brand marketing services. This helps your customers feel closer to you – in turn positively influencing buying decisions.

Our approach to customer communication encompasses the whole customer journey, from building brand affinity within your target market to ongoing customer relationship marketing post-purchase – even including video provision for your staff. To do this successfully a unique and varied skillset is required – which is why BOXmedia is first choice for businesses who need to consistently deliver powerful marketing messages to their target demographics.

What’s in it for you?

Working in partnership with you our expert team will design bespoke customer communication solutions, precision-made to enable you to achieve your strategic aims. We evaluate each project independently, sourcing and assigning the perfect combination of people, skills, technologies and resources as required.

Any customer communication strategy or marketing campaign needs to be well thought-out, well managed and properly implemented from start to finish. Firstly understanding your business, getting to know your audience well and appreciating exactly how viewers will be exposed to the video are all integral to its success. It’s all about who, where, why and how. Who do you need this to be seen by? Where will they see it? Why will they engage with the video? How do you want them to respond?

Working with analytics-driven audience insights we can put together concepts that will effectively speak to your customers. We then bring those ideas to life, enriching them with your business DNA to create powerful video designed to turn heads. We also produce, edit and fine-tune to ensure a polished end product before turning our attention to how and where the campaign will be published. This is what we mean by an integrated solution for the whole customer journey – a solution which promises greater brand success and consumer loyalty.

The bottom line is when businesses team up with us as their strategic partner we’re able to facilitate the production and implementation of a whole host of essential marketing material across a range of mediums to help them to achieve their objectives – whatever they may be.

Powered by results

All the services we offer are trackable, which means that the effectiveness of each individual advertising campaign can be measured accurately. This allows processes to be developed, updated and improved upon continuously to suit your requirements based on the intelligence we collect through targeted analytics. As a strategic partner BOXmedia will adapt with your business as your company evolves, providing an all-encompassing service for every facet of your video marketing needs.

If you would like to discuss BOXmedia Strategic Engagement Partnerships please get in touch with us to arrange a meeting.

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