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We were tasked by the development team to produce a series of 6 short films plus and intro and summary video to support their Be Safe training campaign. The films we to be used to support learning to show examples of good and bad practise.

Objectives – What did you want or need the campaign to achieve?

The campaign objective was to produce a series of shorts films that would support learning and development for the management teams across the business. The US part of the business had already produced a series of films, though couldn’t be used in the UK as there was a disconnect in culture and language. The films had to be ‘real & believable’ to provoke healthy discussion in the training.

The narrative drove each scene, we developed the scripts, for speed and ease we cast actors to step into the roles of bus drivers and depot managers and scheduled an action-packed 1-day shoot. Keeping in mind we were working in and around a live and busy bus depot, which added its level of complexity and pressure.

“FANTASTIC.”  Caroline Bishop
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