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Does your company hold an annual event or conference? Perhaps you are planning an awards ceremony. Whatever the occasion may be, have you considered how you will make the most of it financially, now and in the future?

Make a lasting impression with video

Many events are documented only in photo form. This is great for promotional purposes – but it doesn’t quite reach that next level – the level required to secure a viable connection. Photos can’t be used indefinitely within a number of marketing mediums. And they don’t tell a story or immerse viewers in your event as effectively as video does.

Photos are flat – they’re nice to look at, but ultimately they don’t tell your story, communicate your brand values or say anything powerful about your company. Video helps you (as well as staff and clients) to remember your event – but it also offers the opportunity to enable people (both externally and internally) to experience it. With video they can actually be there – and are likely to absorb the key messages you present clearly and quickly.

Benefits of filming a live event include:

  • Being able to show your employees how well performing staff members are recognised – demonstrating that they are rewarded for the work that they have done for the company. This provides a clear goal for staff members and helps to increase employee satisfaction and productivity as they have something to strive for.

  • Being able to showcase your friendly working environment to people outside of the company and potential staff members.

  • Prize-winning employees feel good about what they have done – and they’re likely to share the event with their peers and families. This secures further positive exposure for your brand.

  • The ability to promote and communicate your business ethos to customers and clients in an engaging, novel way.


Celebrating achievements


Using video is great to help set the tone of the event


A great way for the business to capture an event

Getting it right from start to finish

At BOXmedia we specialise in helping companies to capture their event in a smooth, effective manner. This enables us to use the footage we obtain cohesively in a number of future marketing campaigns.

We can help organise the event for your company – and we deal with setting up displays, lighting and all other elements required to ensure that your event looks and feels good. We video the event using our professional filming team – seamlessly blending in to ensure maximum results with minimal disruption. Then we professionally edit the footage and provide you with a highlights video showcasing your event.

For us, capturing live events is about understanding the needs of our clients and offering an experience that’s going to add value. We want to create a video that clearly belongs to you – not simply another corporate event showcase. It’s not about fancy speakers, impressive lighting or a slick edit – anyone can do that. It’s about getting under the skin of a business and incorporating its DNA to add an emotive undercurrent to the work we produce – to inspire action, feeling and motivation.

Examples of this include energising your sales team for internal sales conference so they feel excited, driven to do more. Or surprising new recruits with a video sharing your brand values and ethos – instilling instant pride and motivation for them to integrate and excel in the company quickly. Last but not least consider securing an impression in your customers that’s impossible to match – ensuring they develop brand loyalty and opt to engage with you rather than a competitor with a similar offering.

For us video is also about results. That’s why we will go the extra mile – obtaining feedback, reporting data and findings and ultimately improving each time to help your videos to fulfil their objectives effectively.

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