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“Employees are a company’s greatest asset – they’re your competitive advantage. You want to attract and retain the best; provide them with encouragement, stimulus, and make them feel that they are an integral part of the company’s mission.” – Anne M. Mulcahy
Over 50% of businesses in the UK say that they struggle with their recruitment process – which is not always successful. Often this is down to the wrong people and ineffective resources involved in the process – but the bottom line is: the way in which inductions are delivered aids impact.

At BOXmedia industry experience has taught us that successful recruitment is all about communication – utilising effective mediums and engaging potential staff on a level which inspires and motivates them – evoking emotion and passion for the company they work for.

Your people are your most valuable asset. We specialise in supporting companies at every stage of the recruitment process – from job advertisement and initial interview to training and progress reviews.

Communicate your brand’s values, ethos and DNA via a motivational medium

Multi-dimensional video touches two senses – it inspires an emotional response – subconsciously feeding information in a digestible, accessible way. Enabling new recruits to absorb the ethos of your company in an immersive, interactive way is one of the most effective ways to guarantee success during induction. A series of six films delivered over six weeks is going to help staff to learn and understand company culture and get started quicker (and a lot stronger) compared with two weeks’ solid induction.  

Introduce your company culture in an immersive way

Successful recruitment requires clarity, preparation and strategy. We take time to get right under the skin of your business and embed your company’s DNA throughout your videos, to enable viewers to feel, learn and know rather than just watch and listen.

Our video induction methodology allows a brand new employee to quickly grasp what your business is about – the ethos, the culture, the history and passion within it – not just the products and services you sell.

What is it like to work for your company? Which qualities do you really want new employees to use the most in relation to your brand? It’s this people are interested in and excited about – not flat mission statements delivered via flashy corporate videos. Are you forward-thinking, innovative, headline-making? Or are you a heritage company, long-established, with roots firmly planted in tradition?

Culture is key to get across to any prospective employee. From the individual’s perspective they’re going to spend a large portion of their life working in a company – so they need to make sure they’re working for a company they’re going to do well for – and as a business you also need that reassurance. Familiarise them with surroundings, staff and structure. Video also helps to manage expectations – so prospective employees understand from the outset what is expected of them – and what they can expect from you.

Results-centred production with tangible results

All business investments must have tangible return – they must be beneficial for the company as a whole. For this reason we focus actively on the results our videos bring – and have developed several response streams that enable us to offer a rich spectrum of feedback for our clients, giving them invaluable foresight. For example, by gauging how much of the content will be watched by the viewer we can set up scoring programmes before candidates are even offered the job. Using video innovatively in this way filters out anyone who may not be right for your company during the earlier stages of the recruitment process – saving time and money.

Clear financial benefits

The benefits of video induction are numerous and proven. Companies already using video throughout the induction process are already seeing tangible results, including:

Improved retention rates: Video helps retain employees, enabling companies to assemble a better workforce.

Lower recruitment costs: No need for constant new recruitment – lower staff turnover.

Secure personal investment: resulting in better understanding and greater productivity – Personal investment secures higher productivity levels and promotes cohesive and harmonious working relationships amongst new and existing staff.

Longevity and cost-effectiveness: Videos can be used over a long period of time for recruitment, so the initial investment goes a long way.

BOXmedia video inductions also help to decrease the HR time needed for recruitment in your company. Inductions mean different things to everyone – so we cover all bases whole recruitment process. An automated process can be created then used again and again, with a set of bespoke videos produced specifically for your business. These videos can be recycled – as they can then be re-played periodically to inspire colleagues, as well as being rolled out as promotional material to show potential employees the benefit of working for your company.

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