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‘Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me and I might remember. Involve me and I will understand.’ – Benjamin Franklin
Training is a crucial element in the overall success of any business. Staff must be well versed in the processes and procedures of your company – they must understand how to do their job, and need to be correctly informed when change comes about.

Whether it’s general health and safety or something directly related to their role, training sessions are often dreaded by staff – with a reputation for being boring yet necessary. Yet from a business perspective training is expensive – and the more staff you have, the more likely it is you’ll be paying liberally for room hire, resources and trainers. So how can you ensure that the money you invest in staff training is well spent and brings tangible benefits for your business?

Deliver training in an engaging, influential format

Using video to supplement HR processes can have a significantly positive impact on your business. Video is multidimensional – it touches two senses, subconsciously delivering information in an engaging, immersive format. Studies show that employees are much more likely to pay attention and respond positively when watching a well-produced HR video compared with a plain old PowerPoint. Video clips bring training and teaching to life, emphasising key messages, ideas and topics whilst helping to promote healthy discussions.

Video also enables a business to accurately present situations and scenarios – offering staff a better insight into what they’re going to be challenged with.

Break down training sessions into manageable portions for greater success

As human beings we rarely respond well to a deluge of information – especially when we only have the opportunity to access it once. Studies have indicated that after fifteen minutes our attention span weakens in a classroom environment – further proving the value of having short, engaging snippets of interactive information to deliver to employees instead. Staff can also access the video time and again so that they always have something to refer back to.

When delivered via a fifteen day program either in classroom or at home video is even more effective. Information is often more digestible when it is drip-fed over a number of days or weeks – as opposed to full delivery over eight hours straight sat in a boardroom.

This also means that instead of losing staff for long periods of time you only take a small portion of time out of their day for training over an extended period.

A cost-effective medium with hard to ignore benefits

There are numerous proven benefits video can bring to your employee training provision. These include:

  • Retention: Staff feel valued and are confident in their abilities, meaning they’re less likely to look elsewhere for employment.

  • Buy-in: Staff will grow with your company and know they are supported, therefore they feel invested in your business.

  • Longevity and refresher training provision: Videos can be recycled time and again to retrain staff.

  • Reduced recruitment costs: Higher staff retention rates mean lower staff turnover resulting in lower recruitment costs.

Connect anywhere, anytime

Remote working is now becoming a viable (and cost-effective) way for businesses to afford staff a better work/life balance. Training videos can also be distributed to employees in another country or that work from home. This allows all employees the opportunity to receive training even if they can’t come into work to train.

Powered by results

Our passion for training delivered via video comes from seeing the positive impact our work has had for previous clients. At BOXmedia we not only design and film the video – we also put together long-term goals and strategies for the future of your business. We then evaluate how effectively each project has fulfilled those objectives – sharing detailed reports with our clients to help us to understand which direction we will follow with subsequent video projects.

One example of this is our unique ‘Digital Signature’ technology – perfect for crucial compliance exercises when new legislation needs to be communicated clearly to staff – and has to be understood and implemented by them going forward. A case study in point involves a company with five thousand staff whose legal department need to ensure that each individual understands that the way they operate needs to change in line with this new legislation. A PDF guide, letter or brochure can’t give them guarantee they need that each employee will take on board this crucial legislation. There is no way to measure or prove that everyone has read the document – and most importantly that they’ve understood it. Our video content however enables the legal department to implant key messages succinctly but comprehensively. Our unique interactive digital signature technology then allows them to track who has watched it all, and monitor their interaction with it. Did they watch it again and again? Did they only watch it for thirty seconds? This technology is invaluable for companies needing to ensure staff compliance. With this information you can attend to staff who didn’t watch the whole video and ask them to take a look at it again. But most importantly you can see where things need to change and adapt to suit your audience by working from a results-led perspective. If they only watched the video for 30 seconds, why did they only watch for 30 seconds? How could the video be improved? Hits don’t indicate efficiency – this is why we present back to clients using our detailed analytics.

We’re not interested in hits alone – it doesn’t matter how many times someone has seen a video. We want to know that it’s been watched right to the end – and was actively engaged with. This is the only way to be sure that a video has been effective and achieved its objectives – and it’s why we’re much more than just a production company.

Do you need to enhance your employee training programme? Speak to us today to discover how BOXmedia video could revolutionise your training strategy today.


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