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Businesses of all sizes in all sectors must embrace change in order to grow and develop. It’s a key ingredient in the formula for success and progression – naturally, processes and policies must adapt as a business matures and advances.

But initiating a change programme can represent a challenging time for any company. At BOXmedia we believe in providing solutions – not just a service. We know the use of video can greatly help to facilitate and support efficient transition periods within companies allowing for more seamless, successful implementation of change.


Knowledge is power and information is comforting

It’s a known fact that as human beings we are often resistant (and even fearful) of change. Even if we know that it needs to happen – even when we are unsatisfied with the status quo. This is one of the major roadblocks for companies implementing change – as generally staff are negative and anxious as soon as they know that a new system, process or strategy is going to be introduced.

Video comforts and reassures – it communicates key messages, reinforces positive points and overcomes challenges, actively directing them to a place they can access the assistance they need. The nature of video ensures staff can feel supported, in control and fully informed. They don’t need to make any effort to explore or pick through reams of data – instead they can take in the information you need them to absorb with minimal effort. This is just one of the benefits which makes video an invaluable resource for companies driving through change.

Overcome objections to change with targeted video

Video can be used to educate staff members on how any forthcoming change will affect them, and explicitly explains any action that is needed from them. When staff are uncomfortable they never perform at their best, and this is why businesses often experience a dip in productivity during crucial transition periods – just when they need energy and efficiency from staff the most.

Ensure engagement for seamless implementation of change

Video is great for drip-feeding information that needs to be clear, consistent and easy to digest. As video conveys information almost subconsciously staff are more likely to proactively access videos and accept this format, as there is less effort and time involved compared with paper or content-based equivalents. For this reason, it’s unbeatable compared with documents that need to be read, understood and referred back to.

Educate and explain

Staff can also be taught and trained through video media. As above, they’re more likely to respond to a video than to a PDF or printed booklet – so you can be sure that your workforce is going to hit the ground running with a new system or process without endless teething problems.

A great example of the efficacy of video for staff education is the introduction of new IT systems. Often IT can be complicated for staff – without new issues arising and a completely fresh way of approaching the work they carry out electronically. With video staff members can be taught how to use new systems in an effective and engaging manner – ensuring that they feel more comfortable during the change. This naturally reduces stress and worry about the future – but it also reduces incidences of costly IT errors and cuts down on time wasted on re-education and the rectification of mistakes.

Is change on the horizon for your business? Are you developing and expanding, implementing new systems and processes to support your growth?

We specialise in enabling companies to filter new processes and policies from the top down to their staff to ensure maximum progress, engagement and productivity. Every project we undertake is approached with our unique results-led methodology – with a bespoke plan specially created to secure tangible results for your business.

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