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Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing for Healthcare Industry 

Video marketing for healthcare industry

The global healthcare services market is growing and is expected to reach USD 10414.36 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 8.4%. If you are a marketer or a healthcare professional, you would want your brand and services to make the most of this growth wave and stand out from the crowd! This is where well-planned video marketing efforts can make a significant difference. 

Video marketing is not new in healthcare and can help increase your reach, drive awareness, improve sales, and build trust among your potential customers and patients. Heard about Dr. Pimple Popper, Better Health Channel, or Healthcare Triage? 

So, let us get started with your complete guide to video marketing for healthcare industry! 

Why You Need Video Marketing for Healthcare Industry Now

Healthcare companies are embracing digital marketing and video forms a significant part of it. Many doctors, hospitals, other healthcare professionals, and organizations are already harnessing the power of videos, especially with the rise of virtual healthcare since the pandemic.

In fact, the pandemic has accelerated video content consumption and it was estimated that 82% of all created content would be video by 2022. 

Here are the reasons to invest in video marketing for healthcare industry. 

  • Helps build trust and credibility: With the rise in telehealth or virtual care, patients would want to know more about the healthcare facility, their treating doctor, or even the treatment or procedures. Giving a face or humanizing this experience through videos can help build trust. When patients hear about a health issue, successful case studies, healthcare solutions, or lifestyle tips, they gain confidence which in turn further improves your credibility and expertise in the field. 
  • Is easily consumable: Undoubtedly, videos are more interesting than reading a published paper or article on the website. When everyone is short on time, video content can make it easier to access the information when you are on the go. Moreover, viewers retain information better through visual content!
  • Is relatable: When you showcase your services, infrastructure, facilities, and your team of medical professionals on board, it helps customers and patients relate to the experiences better. 
  • Is sharable: Video content is easier to share on social media and other platforms including email marketing. In fact, social video generates 1200% more shares than text and image content. Moreover, videos also improve SEO (yes, we are talking about websites and YouTube as Google loves videos!) and visibility.   

What Can Be the Possible Bottlenecks in Video Marketing for Healthcare?

Healthcare professionals are realizing the power of video marketing but they can face some challenges, especially when they are starting with a clean slate.

  • Healthcare professionals are definitely overworked. Trying to take the time or learning a new skill for video recording, production, and editing can be overwhelming. This may also mean more investment in equipment or software. Hiring or outsourcing your video marketing efforts can be useful in such cases. Full-service video marketing agencies can help you from script writing to final editing and distribution!
  • Videos require research and brainstorming on ideas to make them engaging and captivating for audiences. You also need to know what your competition is doing or what video type or topic is trending. You can do some research on what other healthcare professionals or organizations are doing that is getting attention from the patients and target audiences. 

Types of Healthcare Videos You Can Try 

Digital platforms and social media have made it easier to directly connect with the target audience. Many healthcare organizations and professionals are getting into the following apart from regular videos. 

  • Live streaming: This can include Q&A, discussion on a specific topic, a demo of groundbreaking treatments or surgeries, patients sharing their experiences, CME (continuous medical education) sessions, and much more.   
  • Video Stories/Reels: Social media has made it possible to do engaging short videos that can help increase reach and popularity
  • Influencer marketing: This may be a bit tricky especially when it comes to healthcare services but if executed well, it can be a great piece for video content promotion. The influencers can do an unboxing of your product, talk about their experiences, or even do live streaming from your clinic or company!  

Here are the types of videos that can be used in the healthcare industry. 

#1 Educational patient-centered videos

These videos are aimed at educating and informing your target audience. It can be about an effective therapy or treatment, or about any specific type of testing they should know about. Such explainer videos make it easier to break down scientific or technical content in an easy-to-understand way.

#2 Infrastructure/facility videos

This can also work as a corporate video. You can use these videos to give a tour of your facility or company and explain what you do, why you do it, how patients have benefited, and more. You can easily showcase your focus on R&D or the newest technology you have adopted to help your patients. 


#3 Testimonial videos 

Testimonial videos are a great way to not only increase awareness but establish your credibility. Hearing directly from a happy and satisfied patient can make a significant difference in your marketing efforts. 

#4 Staff/physician spotlight videos 

Healthcare professionals are real-life heroes and doing an introductory profile on their recent success, achievements, or service can be a part of your video marketing strategy. Patients value and consider a good physician, so such spotlight videos can prove useful. 

#5 How-to or demonstration videos 

Demonstration videos are a great way to showcase your specific technique or medical procedure. This can help patients better understand the process and know what to expect. For instance, many hospitals take you inside the operating room. 

#6 Case study videos

Case study videos can be targeted at both doctors and patients. It is a short video that discusses the case of a specific patient including the history, diagnosis, treatment, and outcome. It is a good way to not only showcase a patient’s journey but also highlight the benefits of the therapy/procedure you followed. 

Top 4 Tips for Video Marketing for Healthcare Industry 

  1. Educate and inform: Whether you are associated with a hospital or a company, the objective is to educate and inform your target audience. Telling them about complicated medical procedures, therapies, medicines, equipment, or a test can be a good starting point. 
  2. Be empathetic: Healthcare-related issues can be worrisome and sensitive. It is important that video content is not only appropriate and relatable but also empathetic. Make them feel inclusive and showcase that you understand their needs. Here’s a good example.

  1. Solve problems with the right answers: It is important that the information you share is factually correct and corroborated. It should not mislead or create fear. Focus on the problems your target audience or patients face and showcase how you can help solve them. 
  2. Make it engaging: Your videos need not be boring. You can use animation and great storytelling to keep your target audience engaged and informed! Here’s an example for you.

Final Words

Videos are a powerful marketing and communication tool in the healthcare industry. With the right tools, topics, and resources, you can ace your video marketing strategy! Try the tips discussed above to create engaging, successful videos. 

If you would like to know how BOXmedia can help you with your video creations and production efforts, get in touch with us today!