Leveraging Testimonial Videos To Boost Your Law Firm's Credibility​

Leveraging Testimonial Videos To Boost Your Law Firm's Credibility​

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Law firms need to stand out from the competition and this may require a multi-prong approach. Apart from having a customer-focused website with strong content, your focus should also be on reputation management. This is where testimonial videos can become a powerful tool for law firms like yoursby turning original content into an excellent and authentic promotional resource. 

Let’s get started on how you can leverage testimonial videos to boost your firm’s reputation and credibility. 

Why Testimonials Matter for Law Firms

You can consider customer testimonials as the approval stamp needed in this competitive landscape to seal the deal with your potential clients. Sensationalised claims are a passe and people value what they hear from other customers or clients. 

Need more reasons to use testimonial videos?

  • Testimonials help build credibility and trust

In the legal industry where reputation is critical, the importance of testimonials cannot be denied. They act as your brand advocates when taken from genuine clients.  According to a survey, around 72% of respondents agreed that positive reviews and testimonials make them trust the business more and around 88% said that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. 

  • Testimonials provide social proof

Have you noticed when people shop or choose a restaurant, they check out reviews or recommendations and use other ways to make decisions? The bottom line is customers or clients will adapt or change their behaviour according to what other customers are doing. This is known as social proof and applies to law firms too. 

  • Testimonials show how you can help solve pain points 

A well-executed testimonial video can help you showcase how you were able to solve a unique or recurring problem for your clients. Plus, you can do it more quickly and efficiently than a press release or a brochure. 

  • Testimonials humanise your law firm 

Who doesn’t love a great story? This is the reason video testimonials are very effective. When your potential clients can correlate or connect, they can understand what you can do for them. Especially, if it comes from just another client like them, they consider that review more trustworthy. So, instead of spending big bucks on glossy marketing campaigns, you can utilise video testimonials to present the human side of your business at a fraction of the cost. 

  • Testimonials help increase conversions

Positive testimonials from your customers can help you convert your leads into paying clients. In fact, a report revealed that customers who interacted with a review were 58% more likely to convert. 

Tips on Crafting Compelling Testimonial Videos 

Here are some tips to help you create successful testimonial videos. 

1. Go for effective storytelling

Storytelling can turn a client’s experience into an engaging testimonial video. You can use stories as a bridge to guide your viewers to a new perspective (which can include taking your services). To craft a good story, you need four pillars including people, place, purpose, and plot. People help you build connections, the place gives authenticity, purpose provides meaning, and the plot helps create engagement

2. Make sure each testimonial is unique

Instead of having a large number of testimonials which just talk about general scenarios about how good your law firm is, have testimonials that are specific and talk about your strengths in legal services. For instance, you can have client testimonials on the affordability of services, the expertise and compassion of your legal team in understanding the problem, your negotiation skills, communication and responsiveness towards your clients, or even the amount of settlement. 

3. Add more details 

The more details in your client testimonial, the better. For instance, instead of having a general statement that the lawyer’s response was prompt, it can come out as the lawyers responded to the call within 5 minutes. They can also include details of the place where the legal case was handled, the specifics of the legal issue, their full name, etc. This will help weave more credibility into your testimonials. 

4. Include settlement amounts or jury awards, if possible

Settlement amounts can be more attractive for prospective plaintiffs. For many clients, it is the number of your previous settlements and awards that influence their decision-making. So, you can request clients to add monetary figures in their testimonials if they are willing to disclose them without any issues. 

5. Seek new testimonials 

You should try to have new reviews and testimonials as they will ultimately become a part of your client communication and video marketing efforts. The newer, the better, Experts also believe that recent reviews are more effective than older ones. 

How to Maximise the Impact of Testimonial Videos 

So you have a great testimonial but how do you use it to your law firm’s benefit? Here is how and where you can share them for maximum effect. 

  • Social media 

Social media platforms not only increase your reach but also help you practice social proof. You can share testimonial videos on your different social media channels including YouTube that address the pain points of your target audience. In fact, you can use social media to discover those pain points by looking at hashtags or other discussion threads. Additionally, these videos are sharable and can help increase the reach organically or you can use paid promotions to boost testimonials videos to a bigger chunk of the target audience. 

  • Website homepage and service page 

Your website homepage is the first thing your visitors notice, so make sure it leaves an impact. Placing your most promising video testimonials can give you an idea about the good work you are doing. Plus, video testimonials are more engaging than static content. Moreover, you can also add testimonials on your legal service pages to showcase the worthiness of hiring your firm. 

  • Email campaigns

You can use email campaigns to share your success stories through client testimonials. Instead of writing a lengthy email talking about the specifics of the case, videos offer a more authentic and engaging way. You can use compelling subject lines to improve your email’s open rates. 

  • Blogs or case studies 

Adding testimonials to your most visited blogs or case studies can also improve the visibility and reach of your video testimonials. When rightly placed, you can make the content look more authentic, credible, and relatable. 

  • Dedicated testimonial page

If you have a good number of engaging testimonials, you can collate them on a dedicated testimonial page on your website. This will help them find all the great reviews and good work you have done in a single place. 

  • Presentation decks 

If you are pitching your legal services to potential clients, video testimonials can come in handy in your presentation. Usually, the main question from the audience is why they should hire your firm and testimonials can help break those doubts as your customers are advocating for you. 

Measuring the Performance of Your Video Testimonials 

Here are some metrics you can measure to track the performance and effectiveness of your video testimonials.

1. View count 

View count gives you the total number of people who viewed the video. All social media platforms including YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. calculate view count using different criteria. 

2. Engagement

Video engagement takes into account the comments and likes generated on your video content. You may also want to keep an eye on the types of comments you are getting to know the feedback of the viewers. This can help you improve your next video campaigns to deliver what your target audience has been looking for.  

3. Play rate

Play rate is a critical metric for videos that are embedded in landing pages. It lets you know how many visitors clicked on the video to watch it. Usually, the play rate is calculated by dividing the number of visitors who clicked play by the total number of people who came to your landing page. You can improve the play rate by using an attractive thumbnail, using a human image in your thumbnail, or changing the placement of the video on the page. 

4. Watch time

Watch time measures the total time people have watched the videos. It is more of a cumulative calculation and includes replays. The higher the watch time, the more people might be enjoying the video. 

5. Social shares

Social shares help you expand the reach of your video content and improve your law firm’s visibility, attracting new leads. Entertaining, educational, or informative video content can help you get more social shares. 

6. Click-through rates

The number of clicks and the click-through rates are important metrics in a video ad campaign that uses a call-to-action (CTA) button. This lets you assess how many people have actually shown interest to know about your law firm by clicking on the video on the landing page and if the video content is interesting enough for people to click and watch.  

7. Conversions

Now, if you are looking at converting leads into clients, the conversions can help you evaluate the performance of your video testimonial. You can keep an eye on UTM  or other tracking tags to see from where you are getting the clicks or conversions. 

Some Videos to Inspire You 

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Final Words 

The bottom line is law firms need to leverage testimonial videos to increase brand awareness and attract potential clients. When used correctly, they can show great ROI for your marketing efforts. Follow the tips shared above and get in in touch with BOXmedia today to create powerful testimonial videos!