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Using Video to Increase Engagement with Potential Clients in the Legal Industry

Using video to increase engagement

If you are a law firm, then video marketing is a great way to boost business and engage potential clients in the legal industry. You can use informative and engaging videos to educate clients, improve brand image, build trust, and convert leads. In fact, the audience for video content is ever-growing—YouTube gets 1.7 billion unique visitors every month and is the second most visited website after Google. 

However, using videos can be a bit tricky and that is why it is important to understand what you are doing and how to get the desired results with an effective video marketing strategy

Understand the Marketing Funnel to Drive Your Video Concept

You have to know your target audience to use video marketing effectively. For instance, some of your audience may want to gain information so they would like videos that generate awareness. Whereas, videos that are more focused on conversion can work for those who are looking at finding solutions. 

Here’s all you need to know about marketing funnel to drive video concept. 

1. Awareness (Top of the Funnel)

This type of video content can help generate awareness about your law firm and you can introduce yourself to your prospective clients. You can use interesting, informative, or even funny videos to get the attention of your audience to introduce your business. Experts suggest that such videos be based on discovery and not converting leads. 

The primary metrics to track can be the number of views, duration, completion rate, etc. 

2. Consideration (Middle of the Funnel)

These videos are more focused on encouraging your leads to convert into paying clients. So, make sure videos are persuasive. You can consider case study videos, how-to videos, and instructional/ tutorial videos. Conclude with a specific call to action which can include either giving you a call, visiting the website, or accessing any additional informational material. 

You can track video duration and click-through rates (CTRs) to assess the effectiveness of the videos. 

3. Conversion (Bottom of the Funnel)

These videos are helpful in making a decision and are conversion-focused. You can highlight the services that your law firm offers, what sets you apart, how you are better than the competition, how other clients have benefited from your services, etc. Again, make sure to include a clear and easy-to-follow call to action. Here. you can also use a sense of urgency to prompt quick action from your viewers. 

Types of videos

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Different Video Types for Law Firms That Can Fit Into the Marketing Strategy 

Here are some video formats to promote your services. 

1. For attracting new potential clients 

Try to address the problem of your clients with possible solutions. Since you want to get attention, you can engage emotions for more views. Some examples you can consider for attracting your audiences. 

  • Animated videos (explainer videos) can be used to introduce your law firm. Since they are easy to understand, you can also use these for explaining complex legal scenarios and concepts. 

  • Interview-based videos offer a unique way to connect with your potential clients. You can use such videos to set the groundwork for the services you provide. Experts from your legal team can do an interview-style discussion to tackle legal concepts in a simple way. 
  • Thought leadership videos can be used to share your firm’s unique perspective on any trending or current issue to establish experience and expertise. 
  • Brand videos on the other hand provide you the opportunity to share your law firm’s mission, vision, and values. 
  • Short videos can be produced on a variety of topics that highlight your firm’s culture and personality (what you stand for).

2. For engaging leads or potential clients

The next step is to start engaging with your leads and videos are a powerful way to increase engagement. Here’s how you can do it. 

  • Webinars conducted with experts that give real-world advice and tips 
  • Case results-based videos that cover common types of grievances that your audience can relate to
  • Testimonial videos

  • In-depth how-to videos 
  • Promotional videos on landing pages can also help increase engagement whilst adding value to your content

3. For closing potential leads 

Videos can be an excellent tool even in the post-conversion stage to not only improve retention but also referral. Undoubtedly, in law firms, your client is your biggest referral source. You can also make a thank you video for your clients expressing your gratitude for choosing your practice. 

Here are some ways for delighting your clients. 

  • Testimonial videos with relatable stories
  • Branded videos that showcase your culture, way of working with a client, and commitment toward high-quality service 
  • Personalised videos to welcome the clients to your law firm 
  • Evergreen videos to explain your process and steps of working with each client that takes your services 

A Few Law Firm Video Marketing Tips 

We have compiled some practical tips on using videos in your marketing arsenal. 

  • You can start by producing some videos that share your firm’s history and unparalleled services that you want your clients to know. You can use such videos on your homepage and About Us page.
  • Create a series of videos that focus on your firm’s area of practice or interest. For instance, if you have expertise in immigration and labor, then create videos that show that expertise, clarify common queries, and communicate your law firm’s commitment to the clients. 
  • You can share your portfolio of success stories through videos. This can improve your convincing power by telling stories your potential clients can relate to and also make you stand out from the competition. Plus, it will help showcase how much dedication and hard work your firm puts in every case. 
  • Consider creating testimonial videos from your previous clients. Since many times recommendations work well, such videos can showcase why other clients prefer or love to work with you. 

Final Words 

Winning cases is not just enough. In this digital age, you need to increase your visibility or digital footprint. Using videos in your marketing strategy to boost engagement and get the attention of new clients is the tried and tested way out! 

Get in touch with BOXmedia today to start crafting a winning video marketing strategy and use videos to their full potential to generate new business.