Creating Video Content For The Legal Industry That Converts

Creating Video Content for the Legal Industry That Converts

video content for the legal industry

Struggling to convert leads into paying clients using video marketing? Marketers and businesses often spend more effort and time on customer acquisition rather than on optimisation. Generally, for many businesses, getting visits to the website or landing pages does not add value until such visitors turn into customers. This is where video content for law firms that can optimise conversion can make a difference. 

So, let us dive straightaway into creating video content for the legal industry that converts!

What You Need to Know About Lead Conversion

If your this year’s target for your law firm, then you need to address the following areas.

  • Significantly increasing your number of leads
  • Increasing your rates 
  • Increasing conversion rates, i.e. converting more leads into paying clients

When it comes to drafting an effective lead conversion strategy, then you need to clearly define what a lead means to your law firm. For instance, your leads may comprise people

  • Who have not yet done any business with your law firm before
  • Who have shown interest in the services you offer
  • Who have contacted your firm 

Thus, your lead conversion strategy will depend on the process you choose and how you track the effectiveness or success of that process which takes us to our next section. 

Lead Conversion Process: Where You Need to Intervene 

As a rule of thumb, there are five stages of lead conversion that require follow-up or intervention from your firm. 

  1. Leads that come into your firm’s database
  2. Leads that make appointments
  3. Appointments who show up for a one-to-one consultation or discussion
  4. Appointments that sign up for your legal services during initial discussion or consultation 
  5. Appointments that sign up but much later after the initial discussion 

So, depending how you follow up during all these five different stages can help you expedite their conversion into paying clients. Apart from phone calls, emails, newsletters, etc., you can also make the best out of your video content strategy to give them that nudge decision-making process. 

Videos Can Help Convert Your Prospects into Clients 

Videos are a powerful tool if you are looking at lead conversion, helping you close more clients. You can effectively use videos to showcase all you can do for your potential clients. This can help establish trust, credibility and expertise for the work you do. 

In fact, a recent survey revealed the following interesting numbers 

  • 96% of marketers agreed that video marketing increased user understanding 
  • 90% said that video helped increase the number of leads
  • 87% agreed that video marketing has helped them increase sales  

Now is the time to invest in creating informative and educational videos to ace your video marketing strategy!

user understanding

increase leads

increase sales

Image source: Wyzowl

Video Content for the Legal Industry That Converts

Here are some types of videos with examples that you can try to increase your lead conversion. 

1. Customer testimonial videos 

Video testimonials are a great way to drive your conversion rates. Such videos not only show the humane and emotional story of your client but also give a real look into what your clients are saying about you without a scripted response. 

When they describe their experience in their own words and voice and how your services impacted their lives, it is much more powerful than you talking about your achievements. You can use testimonial videos on your website, landing pages, service pages, newsletters, social media, etc.  

2. Landing page videos 

The objective of having a landing page is to convert your leads into clients and adding a video can help you make the most out of it. Undoubtedly, people find visuals more attractive than texts and that is visitors consume videos better than just reading. Here’s an example to take inspiration from. 

landing page

Image source: Kogan & DiSalvo

3. Gated videos 

Similar to how you create gated content such as ebooks, whitepapers, or infographics, you can also leverage gated videos. Gated videos need to be engaging, entertaining, and educational so that they add more value for the visitors visiting the page. 

You can consider creating a series of knowledge or how-to videos and ask users to enter their contact details including an email address in exchange for exclusive video content. Pre-recorded or even live webinars are also a good option to be used as gated video content with a turnstile feature. 

Here are some examples.     

gated video

Image source: Crisp

Even informational videos like the one shared below can be used for gated video content.

4. Service videos 

Like product demo videos which help customers understand the product, you can create service videos that explain in-depth the different types of services offered by your firm. You can use such videos to show the expertise and quality you bring to the table exclusively for your clients.  

Best Tips for Optimising Conversion Rate 

 Here are some useful tips to optimise your video content to increase conversions. 

1. Pay attention to CTAs and end-screen optimisation

Have you noticed how many times a form or a call to action (CTA) appears in your YouTube videos? These CTAs request you to like, comment, or subscribe. In some videos, you may also notice the end-screen button that takes you to another resource. Make sure you use these options judiciously, especially end-screen optimisation. If you add too many choices that are cluttered and unrelated to the content, you may lose your leads. 

2. Use videos in email campaigns 

Make sure your email content is visually enriching for your readers to keep them engaged and including video content can be a solid starting point. When you have a catalogue of videos that are relevant and informational for your potential clients, you can embed them in the email instead of static images. For instance, you can include a timestamp of your evergreen video to further take them to your website or YouTube channels to nurture your leads. In fact, experts believe that adding video to email campaigns’ subject lines or headlines improves the opening rate. 

3. Focus on SEO

Search engine optimisation is critical for videos too. If you would have noticed, Google’s search results also display video results. So, make sure you are following requirements for keywords, titles, meta descriptions, etc. to improve the visibility of your video content for the people who are seeking the service. 

4. Create video content that aligns with your sales funnel 

When it comes to conversion, you would be looking at the bottom of the funnel. Therefore, you should focus on creating videos that align with the search terms of that segment and answer the most common queries your potential clients are looking for when making a decision to choose a law firm. 

If your video content is used at the wrong place and with the wrong audience, it is not going to add any value to your marketing efforts. For instance, when your leads are at the bottom of the funnel, they already know what their problem is and are looking for law firms to choose from and which one can help solve their issue. So, you can create testimonials, service walkthroughs, videos explaining how you are better than the competition, or even evergreen videos to nudge them to choose you. 

5. Convert your old resources into video content 

You should repurpose your content in different ways and platforms. For instance, if you have some guidebooks or templates, you can turn them into videos to make the content more consumable. You can use such videos to supplement your written content across platforms. 

Final Words 

Video marketing is an effective strategy to convert your prospects into paying clients. When executed rightly with effective video content, you can see a significant increase in your revenue. Explore the tips discussed above to boost your conversion rates. 

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