Tips For Filming, Editing And Animation Marketing Video Production!

Animation Marketing Video Production

In the world of marketing video production, the ability to produce high-quality and engaging content is essential for capturing audience attention, conveying brand messages, and driving results. Whether you’re creating promotional videos, advertisements, or brand narratives, mastering the art of filming, editing, and animation is paramount for delivering impactful marketing content that resonates with your […]

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Case Studies

Leeds City Museum – Voices of Asia

Leeds City Museum - Voice of Asia - BOXmedia

Voices of Asia is a spectacular new gallery at Leeds City Museum celebrating the sights, sounds, and culture of Asia and the Asian communities right here on our doorstep in Leeds!

Set to last for five years, the gallery will feature a changing programme of displays exploring a different world faith each year along with other fascinating topics related to each theme. Local Asian businesses and performers will also be given the opportunity to feature, presenting a local link between the continent and the thriving multi-cultural city that Leeds is today.

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Case Studies

Using video to increase employee engagement for First Group

First Group - Internal Communications

Taking First Group's internal communications traditional paper new's letter digital and increasing engagement.

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