Video Strategy Framework

It’s easier than you think.

We have a created a framework for you to download and use for your business.

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Video strategy always seems to be described as a desirable that you’d get to if you had more time. Let’s make the desirable into a tangible.

8 Key Phases to create your own
Video Strategy Framework.

Video Showcase



Need to generate more awareness for our personal training service for busy mums.

Really enjoyed the experience of working with a highly professional team. The ideas and energy they brought to the video shoot was great! I would highly recommend anyone who is looking to promote their business through the power of video, to talk to BOXmedia.

Mike Hendricks, MD


Increase awareness for our primary school and in particular our recruitment for new children, every September.

A creative team who are well versed and overall a smooth experience. Anyone who is thinking of producing video content, to talk to BOXmedia.
Harnek Singh, Chair of Trustees


Increase awareness on social media and drive sales.

High quality production. Easy to work with. They just got on with it.
Harry Sekhri, MD

Winning more business with video

The best marketers know that testing new channels and tactics before going all-in is the best approach. With every business resources can run thin, so you want to make sure you’re spending your time and budget wisely.

Video helps you build trust, establish credibility of your work, team and company better than any other medium.