Video Marketing for Internal Communications

Saving company resources by using video across the business


Using Video for Internal Communications

It's in the data

Are you sending endless paper newsletters but feel you’re consistently failing to receive a response? Do internal newsletters often go ignored by your employees? Are you spending time and money developing content that doesn’t hit the spot?

As human beings, we’re increasingly developing a need to consume information rapidly. This means that we need it to be delivered via a medium which requires minimal effort and as little of our time as possible. Text content has its place – but all too often it’s heavily relied upon – causing key messages to be lost (or not consumed at all). The alternative is video – an interactive, immersive medium which excites, motivates and engages your increasingly fickle and impatient audience. At BOXmedia we specialise in helping companies to reach their employees with targeted video newsletters.

At BOXmedia we design the video strategy, produce the video content and measure everything. We have in-depth granular analytics that allows us to track all video engagement. What does this mean for you? You can see who has watched the video, how much they watched and how well they engaged with it, therefore illustrating the impact of video communication with all staff and colleagues.

Create content which appeal to all staff and colleagues

Video newsletters are highly effective compared with text-based newsletters. They have an innate capability to share much more with employees – and can do so in a short amount of time. Most people prefer to receive a captivating video message than an emailed filled with long chunks of text that only add to an already overflowing inbox.

Create video content to engage and motivate all

Regular, engaging communication is the only way to effectively manage and support staff from the top downwards. Videos are unrivalled in their ability to humanise brands, convey company culture and impart important information and they are much more likely to be engaged with compared with text-based alternatives. Video allows senior figures in the business to filter information (including updates on best practice, developments within the company and new directives) to those on the ground and keep them engaged and informed. This can be communicated on a weekly or monthly basis – with feedback and participation incentivised via free giveaways.

Whilst newsletters are usually known as a method for pushing information down to staff, our video campaigns offer staff a viable method of communicating back upstream with valuable feedback. This type of feedback is vital, as it enables those in charge of big decisions within the company to make them with insights and intelligence from those at ground level.

Video also helps to reduce disparity between locations in large firms. Companies operating from several sites up and down the country, across EMEA and World-Wide with lots of employees often experience a divide between management and their workforce. With a personal address from the CEO, managing directors and department heads, teams and colleagues can feel closer to senior management – an invaluable emotional asset which helps to increase productivity and further humanises large businesses. It’s a little surprising that communicating in this way can promote cohesive working relationships between all staff at all levels.

Increasing employee engagement with video



Our requirement was to produce series of videos for our BE SAFE Campaign. We aim to educate our work force to change our perception on how we deal with all safety challenges to achieve zero harm.

From my first contact with Rashpal, who put my mind at ease as he took over the reins of the project and delivered the final video-series on schedule. I would highly recommend to anyone thinking of producing a videos to talk to BOXmedia.

Carol Bishop, Senior and Middle Management Development Manager


We needed an induction video to introduce the company to the new employees. Something that would excite people to the business and give pride to existing colleagues.

BOXmedia were passionate about working with us and got under the skin of the business quickly, we felt like we were in good hands. Very professional and helped us go through the whole process very smoothly.
Veronica Horsfall, Internal Communications


We wanted to increase sales by show casing the facilities we have to offer with a series of videos.

To stay ahead of the competition, work with video experts – BOXmedia. They focus on developing a goal driven strategy.
Jim Vincent, MD

Key benefits

There are many applications for versatile video newsletters, including:


Being able to send information to all or specific staff and colleagues in a very cost-effective manner.

Upto date

Video newsletters keeps colleagues and teams up-to-date with the relevant news and information about the company.

Better engagement

Educating staff and colleagues about new products and/or services through video, offers a comprehensive showcase compared to text.

Humanising your brand

Sharing a personal message from your CEO with employees – greatly boosts employee satisfaction. This also works well from a peer to peer perspective.

First MTickets

Clear and consistent communication will have a huge impact on the employee experience and business performance

Video is powerful, efficient and cost-effective. Staff are much more likely to watch a video than read a long document or email. Video also allows us to weave in your DNA and tone of voice to create a content which resonates with your staff and perfectly embodies your company ethos.

Speak to us today about improving the employee experience by integrating video your internal communications newsletter.