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At BOXmedia we help businesses grow using our high-quality video production services.

What’s your message? We can translate your thoughts/ideas into an outstanding video to promote your business.  Let’s discuss your vision over a coffee and see how we can transform your thoughts into reality.

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Why is manufacturing video production important?

A study from Forbes shows that 75% of business executives watch work-related videos on corporate websites at least once a week. And with the importance of videos in the business world increasing, so too is their use on corporate platforms!

What is manufacturing video production?

Whether you’re in sales & marketing or you simply and most effectively communicate your message internally to your employees, the video is the ideal route to improve business performance.

What are the benefits of manufacturing video production?

Manufacturing video production can create an opportunity to connect with your target audience and tell them your story or your products and services.

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Our approach to manufacturing video production

We handle all aspects of video production, from planning to location shooting to full post-production, hosting, and distribution.

Winning more business with video

Video helps you build trust, establish credibility of your work, team and company better than any other medium. 

The best marketers know that testing new channels and tactics before going all-in is the best approach. If you want to make sure you’re spending your time and budget wisely, then contact BOXmedia today.