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How to Make Your Business Stand Out With Creative Video Production

Creative video production

Videos open a new doorway for your brand to explore creative ideas and connect with your target audiences. With the right technology and people, you can tell some great, memorable stories. However, we understand that it can sometimes get a bit difficult to maintain creative productivity in your video marketing strategy.

So, we are here to help you get your creative juices flowing! Know how you can use creative video production to make your business stand out and wow your potential customers! 

Before You Get Started…

Here’s what you need to keep in mind to create cohesive and effective videos. 

  • Be mindful of your brand guidelines: Brand guidelines are not only important for your marketing communication but also for video strategy. Make sure to keep your brand colour, style, and tone consistent across videos—be it a case study video, training video, or product marketing video. 
  • Stick with storytelling: Storytelling is not just an over-emphasised word. Whatever platform or video type you choose, strong storytelling is the foundation for a successful video. You should be able to take your audience on a journey with your key message. 
  • Know your audience and distribution approach: You should have a good idea about who your audiences are, what are their preferences, which type of content they engage with, which platform they use more, etc. Your creative video production approach will be guided by your audiences and the platform you target. In fact, even if you produce great video content but if it is not suited to your audience and optimised for the platform, it will not create the desired impact.
  • Make content relevant and time-insensitive: Video content, if done right, can give you the longevity to reap maximum ROI on your production efforts. The content should remain relevant despite changing trends. Focusing too much on current pop culture themes, viral trends, or even specific dates can cut short the life of your videos.
  • Stick to one good idea: During ideation, you will encounter many half-baked ideas. The bottom line is to pick one good idea that fulfils all your goals and requirements and bring it to completion. Trying to merge too many ideas into one may not only waste time but also reduce clarity. 

Top 8 Creative Video Production Ideas for Your Brand 

Let us explore some ideas to guide your creative video production process! 

#1 Explore explainer videos

Explainer videos offer an effective way to share and consume video content. Viewers like videos wherein brands explain about themselves or their products. You can also explore the idea of using explainer videos on the best ways to use your product or answering the frequently asked questions by your customers to not only increase engagement rate but also shorten their decision-making cycle.

#2 Share tips and advice

Tips and tricks videos are a great way to bring focus to your product or service. Try to include a demo for each tip and focus on the advice that will make life or work easier for your audience. You can use either an animation video or have an expert speak to the camera.  This will not only help build trust but also position you as a subject matter expert.

#3 Go for storytelling videos  

Storytelling is a powerful way to deliver your content. Nowadays, customers just don’t want to hear you just talk about the product or service. They want to understand how the product can help solve their problems. The viewers should be able to empathise and identify with your product/brand story to make the buying decision. With storytelling, target audiences who are facing the problem or will face it in the near future to strike a chord. 

#4 Make Q&A videos 

Businesses can also experiment with Q&A videos to answer the queries or concerns of their potential customers. You can make use of comments or messages received on different social media platforms for some ideas on what you want to address. Many experts suggest creating a hashtag for such videos to make this a recurring and more organised session. You can also mention the name of the person who asked the question to make your audiences feel heard. This will also encourage other people to connect with you. 

#5 Stream webinar videos

Webinars are a great way to promote content and help generate more value for your viewers. All you need to do is select a top that is relatable and informative and gets experts to discuss or talk on the topic. The focus should not be on doing a long webinar but on addressing the expectations of your target audience. Remember, webinars can help you establish your authority and expertise. 

#6 Share behind-the-scene buzz

You can give your customers an inside peek into your business with behind-the-scenes videos. These videos give you a chance to show a more humane side of your brand and you can go creative to showcase why and how your people work to fulfil the needs of your customers. You can showcase your product development process, and manufacturing process, or give a tour of your facility. 

#7 Plan for an interview or testimonial video

With interview videos, you can host experts who can provide more relevant and in-depth information to your customers. These types of videos can help your business as well as the person being interviewed to improve their standing and followers. 

Testimonial videos on the other hand can help you make your brand experience more genuine and humane. When customers share their experiences, it creates a far more reaching impact than you just talking about your product. 

#8 Don’t shy away from a  time-lapse video 

Time-lapse videos are a fun way to showcase a complete process or transition in just a few minutes. You can think of a manufacturing process, construction, event or stall set-up to share the same buzz and excitement with your customers. 

How Can You be Creative with Your Videos 

You can experiment with different aspects of your video to get more creative!

  • You can be creative with your script or storytelling. Start with a punch that captures your audience’s attention in the first 10 seconds. You can make it sound humorous, interesting, or professional!
  • Play with visuals, imagery or animation to shake things up. You can explore various video types or transitions, or a mix of different formats to make your video content stand out. 
  • Experiment with audio options and explore if voiceovers, background music, and other sound engineering techniques can add more x-factor and value to your videos. 

Final Words 

A creative video production process can help your business stand out from the competition. With a plethora of options available to explore including streaming webinars, Q&A videos, storytelling videos, explainer videos, and much more, you can wow your audience and also generate better ROI. 

Get in touch with BOXmedia today to know how we can help you with creative video production without much hassle!