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How to Create Internal communications Videos That Engage and Inform

Internal communications videos

The workplaces have witnessed transformational shifts over the last couple of years. With remote or hybrid working models, it has become increasingly important to stay connected with your employees, and to keep them engaged and motivated more than ever. This is where internal communications comes into the picture. 

No doubt, employees are busy, and their calendars, email inboxes, and even communications channels are all crowded. In such a case, getting the attention of employees can be complex. Internal communications videos can help solve this problem. 

Let’s discover how you can create and use internal communications videos for enhanced employee awareness and experience. 

Why Do You Need to Create Internal communications Videos? 

Videos are an engaging and cost-effective way to share information with employees. In fact, many experts believe that internal communications videos are a game-changer in the way organizations help employees share and retain knowledge. 

Here are some reasons to create internal communications videos. 

  • Videos offer a format that is easily understandable by different types of learners. For instance, audio and visual learners are able to retain better. Moreover, readers can benefit from the text and other motion graphics in the video. 
  • As technology has become advanced, the software and equipment for video-making have become more accessible and affordable. Moreover, by using the services of professional video production companies, you can save time and money as well as the hassle of buying equipment in-house. 
  • Videos allow you to squeeze a large amount of even tedious information in an engaging way. 
  • It is easier to personalize videos for better adoption. Plus, it offers convenience and flexibility to watch videos on multiple devices from anywhere, anytime. 
  • Videos help humanize communications instead of your employees reading through a long email or newsletter. 

6 Ways to Use Internal communications Videos 

Internal communications videos can be used for many purposes. Here are some common ways. 

  • Onboarding: When new employees join your organization, getting them aligned with the policies, processes, culture, and even facilities is important for a smooth onboarding process. These videos are helpful to get them motivated and excited about their new workplace and also to maintain the image or reputation of your company. 
  • Announcements: Announcement videos are an engaging replacement for newsletters. These videos help grab attention and relay the message clearly. Be it reminding them to take their leaves to rejuvenate, or announcing new facilities policies, updates, organizational changes, and so on. 
  • Organizational culture: Such videos are a great way to showcase your company’s values to make your employees feel heard and valued. You can discuss the ethics you encourage, the working environment you support, what you as an organisation stand for, and much more. 
  • Interviews: Employee interviews are a powerful tool for internal communications. You can also consider creating interview series with employees from different departments and levels to help them share their valuable experiences. Such videos help keep employees motivated and a close part of the organization as they are better able to identify with their peers.  
  • Events: Although you may be using emails, posters, or newsletters to promote an event to your employees, videos can offer a better alternative. You can add all necessary event information including where, when, what, and who. 
  • Tutorials or demo videos: Training or demo videos on products or software being used by your employees can be great value addition. It can be a part of their continuous development to help them navigate through the steps for the smooth function of the technology or software they are using. 

How to Create Internal communications Videos 

This is your step-by-step guide to creating impactful internal communications videos. 

#1 Define the goal

Start with a clear goal defining what you want to convey through the video. This will help you to figure out your key message and create a video that not only clearly communicates but also leaves your viewers with that message. 

#2 Create a script 

Once you know your objective, it is time to put it in words on paper. Start writing your script and be mindful to keep it short, and engaging. At this point, you may also want to define the tone or voice of the video. You can weave it like a story and add pointers, summary, etc. to make your video effective. 

#3 Outsource or opt for in-house production 

The next step is to decide on the equipment and software that you would need. Now, at this point, you can either decide to go in-house or outsource. For the former option, you may need to make a list of equipment you need to start the video production and editing process. In the latter one, you do not have to worry about arranging things and can outsource to a professional video production company that will have the required skill set and the latest cameras and videos. 

#4 Record or create the video 

After all the planning, it is time to execute! Depending on the type of video you choose, you may need to record or create the video. For instance, if it is an animated video, you may need the help of graphic designers, animators, etc. to start creating the video. In case, people or characters are involved, then you may want to explore the location, camera positions, test runs, and much more to get it right. 

#5 Edit the video 

The next step is to edit the video. You can add audio, voiceover, background music, transitions, add branding, add a call-to-action (CTA) or even trim the length to create a powerful video. 

#6 Share the video

You can share the video with your employees on the communication channels. For instance, it can be your company’s portal or intranet, send a link in the email, or add it to the newsletter to give better access to your viewers. 

Final Words

Internal communications videos are a powerful way to connect with your employees. It allows you to reach more people, convey your message clearly, and get the attention of your employees. You can use these videos in various ways as discussed above including onboarding, product or software demos, announcements, events, and much more. Start with your video production today!

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