Promotional Video Production Services in Leeds, UK

Promotional Video Production Services

BOXmedia offers a wide range of video production services including internal company videos, training programs, and ‘how to’ guides. For both small and large companies, we create promotional videos such as product or service demos that can be used on your website, advertorials for magazines, and social media channels. We also produce short films which you can use for marketing purposes via digital platforms to send out to your customers.


Who we work with

We work with a huge range of companies, from small start-ups to large corporations.  Typically our clients are in the professional services and communication sectors (healthcare, legal, finance) however we also produce video content for tourism and leisure, retail, and consumer goods. Most of our promotional videos have a common objective: increase brand awareness. 

What makes us different?

At BOXmedia we aren’t just a production company. We partner with our clients and work as their in-house agency to create the most effective video content for their business. This means that we can offer a complete package:  production, distribution, and strategy advice all under one roof, which is what makes us different from other companies offering promotional video services.

Why use promotional videos for your brand?

Promotional videos are now essential tools to help you reach your target audience. Video is one of the most powerful communication mediums available, and promotional videos are particularly effective because they offer authenticity, sincerity, and clarity.

Place your promotional video on your website

You can easily place promotional videos onto your website for instant brand awareness. We have a range of promotional video technology and they’re fully responsive and mobile-ready, so you can use promotional videos on any device.

Put promotional videos on your social media pages

We also create promotional videos specifically for your social media channels such as YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tik Tok or Facebook. As well as using promotional videos as an organic post (to help share as part of your regular promotional strategy) you can also pay to boost the promotional video, making sure that it reaches as many people as possible.

Increase traffic to your website

Promotional videos aren’t just a promotional tool for social media pages and websites – they’re a great way to increase traffic to any part of your website. Promotional videos are powerful drivers of organic search results, meaning that they offer an excellent way to increase visibility in Google’s search listings.

Why choose us?

As a promotional video production company, we understand the importance of getting your promotional videos in front of as many people as possible. There are a huge variety of promotional video companies out there, but what makes BOXmedia different is our commitment to helping you achieve your business goals. We don’t just create promotional videos for you to use as you see fit, we work with you to create promotional videos which will help you meet your objectives.

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Our approach to promotional video production

We want our promotional video production company clients to stand out from the crowd and to do that we create a wide range of promotional video content for them, including promotional films which can be used on social media channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tik Tok, promotional videos which can be used on your website, promotional video content for events, promotional product videos and demo promotional videos.

Our promotional video production agency delivers high-quality promotional videos that are guaranteed to bring you success. We have clients from right around the world including USA, India, Dubai, and Australia.

Video Showcase



Need to generate more awareness for our personal training service for busy mums.

Really enjoyed the experience of working with a highly professional team. The ideas and energy they brought to the video shoot was great! I would highly recommend anyone who is looking to promote their business through the power of video, to talk to BOXmedia.

Mike Hendricks, MD


Increase awareness for our primary school and in particular our recruitment for new children, every September.

A creative team who are well versed and overall a smooth experience. Anyone who is thinking of producing video content, to talk to BOXmedia.
Harnek Singh, Chair of Trustees


Increase awareness on social media and drive sales.

High quality production. Easy to work with. They just got on with it.
Harry Sekhri, MD

Video Marketing Blogs

Winning more business with video

The best marketers know that testing new channels and tactics before going all-in is the best approach. With every business resources can run thin, so you want to make sure you’re spending your time and budget wisely.

Video helps you build trust, establish credibility of your work, team and company better than any other medium.