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How to Create a Brand Story Video: A Complete Guide

Brand Story Video

The world of business has changed. Gone are the days when a company can have success without being able to engage with its potential customers on social media, blogs, and brand story videos. This is why it’s so important for any entrepreneur or small business owner to create content that will help them establish themselves as an authority in their industry – which includes creating brand story videos.

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Your brand story needs personality. It needs to sound like you, not an advertisement

Think about your brand…what is it? Try describing yourself in three words. If you were a person who lived next door, what would they say about you if asked for their description of “you”? This should be pretty easy since everyone has met themselves before! As humans, we are always trying to understand who others are, especially those closest to us. This is how you should think about your brand story video content – it’s an opportunity for people to get the chance to know the real “you”.

Get other people to tell your brand video story

One of the best ways to create a brand story video is to ask your current customers for their input. This may be harder than you think since people are naturally self-conscious about what they say, however it’s important that others speak on behalf of your brand if possible! If this isn’t feasible, try interviewing yourself as if you were a new customer. How did you hear about us? What compelled you to purchase from us? Why would someone else want to buy from your brand instead of the competition?

Be personal with a story that’s relatable and real, not cheesy and rehearsed.

Brand Stories Create Trust

One of the best ways to create a brand story video is by telling your real-life, personal stories. People want to do business with people they know and trust…and this can be achieved through storytelling. Remember that traditional advertisements are often viewed as insincere and untrustworthy since it’s easy for companies to hide behind flashy graphics and catchphrases. However, authentic stories are relatable and create a sense of community between the business and its customers.

Your brand video stories need to feel like you’re sitting down with someone at your local coffee shop sharing their life experiences over a warm beverage…just don’t forget that there’s often an intended goal behind every video! It can be easy to get caught up in the storytelling aspect of video creation, but it’s important not to lose sight of your goals.

Use your brand video story to connect with your customers

When creating a brand story video, it’s important to remember that your goal is not only about telling an engaging narrative…it’s also about connecting with potential customers. Think of this as you would any other form of marketing – what can you do to reach out and connect with people on a personal level? If the answer isn’t obvious, consider ways that you can change your video to make it more relatable, engaging, and effective.

Keep your brand stories simple

The best brand story videos are the ones that focus on a single narrative and stick to it. When creating video content, there’s nothing worse than trying to cram too many ideas into one short presentation! If you’re telling an engaging story about your life experiences as a company owner or sharing how you came up with your product idea, then stick to that story! If you try to cram too much information into one video, it will feel forced and inauthentic.

Be yourself when creating a great brand story video

The best way to create an authentic brand story is by being true to your personality. It’s easy for people do lose sight of this while trying to tell their stories or focus on the goal of their marketing videos. However, it’s important to remember that your brand story is a chance for potential customers to learn more about you as a company and person… if people see authenticity in your videos they’ll be much more likely to trust what you have to say!

Does branded video content work?

A study conducted by Animoto found that nearly 90% of consumers are more likely to have a positive perception of brands if they create videos. An independent survey produced similar results, with 87% of respondents agreeing that “video helps them understand the brand better.”

Another key point is how video can increase consumer engagement in your business. Whether you’re creating a brand story video, an explainer video for your product, or something else entirely… it’s important to remember that people are much more likely to engage with brands if they see videos instead of static images.

Know your target audience: Brand storytelling basics

The best-branded videos are the ones that speak to your target audience. Before beginning the process of creating marketing videos, it’s important to take some time and think about who you’re trying to reach with your content. Whether this is customers or people in general…knowing what type of person will be interested in watching your video is key!

Focus on Why your brand exists

Even the best video content will fall flat if people don’t understand what your brand is trying to accomplish and why it exists. It’s important for brands to create a great brand story that explains how they came about, but also reinforces their goals! If you can establish an emotional connection with customers while explaining exactly why your company was created, then you’ve succeeded in creating a brand story that will have people coming back for more.

Make a plan for your brand story video and brand values

Now that you know the basics of creating a brand story video, it’s time to make some plans! How can you use this information to create an effective marketing strategy within the next few months? What kind of tone do you want for your company videos? Who is going to star in them (a spokesperson?), and what is the ultimate goal?

Keeping these thoughts in mind will help you create a solid video marketing strategy that includes your brand story.

Feature your brand colours and logo in your brand story

The last thing to keep in mind is that there’s a lot of power behind your brand colors and logo. While it may seem like an afterthought, these elements actually play a huge role when you’re creating video content! You want people to see what you’ve created even if they don’t watch the entire video… which is why using your logo and colors is extremely important.

Match your content to your brand voice

The best way to do this is by matching your content with the brand voice you’ve created. This means that every video should have a consistent tone, style of language, and level of personalisation. If one video has too much personality while another looks like it was made for an entirely different company… it will become confusing for viewers! These are just a few ways to create an engaging brand story video for your business!