video marketing for internal communications

WAIT! Do you know the THREE important reasons why you should use VIDEO in your communications?


Use video to improve the employee experience and humanise your brand

Learn more about how video can help internal communications  make a tangible difference to the employee experience.

BOXmedia is a video marketing agency that helps clients engage with its colleagues. We work for a wide range of organisations, from large corporates through to charities and start-ups.

The Employee Experience


Use video within existing communications to increase the understanding and promote buy-in which results in a smarter, more productive team. 

Especially when communicating culture, nothing competes with video. 


Use video to ‘show’ not ‘tell’, which is a powerful way to deliver your communications.

By understanding what drives your people, incentivising them helps to increase engagement and performance.


Data drives all business conversations. We have the tools to measure the engagement of all video content created, therefore can help to make clear decision on what works and what doesn’t.

Internal communications


BOXmedia is at hand to work with you to develop your content calendar. How often should video be sent, what should the format of the video message look like, how long should the video be?


A video journalist or full on production team can be brought in to ensure we work our way around the business.

If you have a in-house video producer, that’s great too, either way the key to success here is  sustainability.


Internal communications is not a destination, it’s moving feast.

By benchmarking where we are, we can ensure we are constantly making improvements every step of the way.