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5th November 2015 | Customers' Voice

Employee Engagement

Video messages can now be spread throughout an organisation in seconds to any number of devices. Using video for internal communications finally makes sense, thanks to the ease of online distribution – saving both time and money by becoming instantly accessible to employees and integrating perfectly with their daily online experience.   Video can provide […]

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24th September 2015 | Customers' Voice

Royal Armouries – The Power of Video

Royal Armouries (INT) Plc – The Power of Video Clever marketeers are using Video to engage with prospective clients when they cannot. Jim Vincent MD of Royal Armouries explains how they have engaged with visitors to their website resulting in generation of more leads and greater time spent on their website. The facts speak for […]

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22nd September 2015 | Customers' Voice

12 Episode Video Campaign

Royal Armouries (INT) Plc – 12 Episode Video Campaign We approached Jim with a proposal to produce a series of short online videos to illustrate the great work they do in different sectors, from conferences to Asian weddings to exhibitions to name a few. High production values was a given, we designed the video strategy […]

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22nd June 2015 | Marketing Tips & Advice

The Power of Video

Video is one of the most powerful tools of expression out there and can be used for a variety of purposes. Adding video to your marketing mix is one of the best strategies your company can make. That’s because your message is more effective in video, and demand for this type of media is increasing. […]

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22nd May 2015 | Marketing Tips & Advice

Sales Video

Using video to get your product or service to the consumer is the best way to inform and build your audience. Video is growing is a massive way. People are watching more of it on computers and smart phones each day. Consider some of trends in online video according to a May 29, 2013 report […]

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22nd April 2015 | Marketing Tips & Advice

Training Videos

When disseminating training, coaching a series or tools and best practises, the key is consistency. This is achieved by default with a training video. Whether you’re training 3 or 3000 people, it’s fundamental to communicate the same clear and concise message.

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22nd March 2015 | Marketing Tips & Advice


Webcasting put simply is, ‘the streaming of audio and video across the internet’ Now with the BBC, Channel 4 and other major broadcasters archiving their content in this way, webcasting is now accessible and familiar to all internet users.

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22nd February 2015 | Marketing Tips & Advice

Property Sales

Take your property directly to potential buyers, and bring it to life with virtual video tours. Highlight the key areas, emphasise important features, and inspire potential buyers with exciting graphics and animations, to show the property’s potential.

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20th January 2015 | Marketing Tips & Advice

Corporate Video

Corporate videos are being redefined through advancements in technology and media services, such as web based applications. Whatever the video you are looking to deliver, be it promotional, training, sales or internal communications, our corporate video production service will deliver your requirements.

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