you-shoot + we-edit = Simple


White label UK editing service for the Indian wedding market​

The Indian wedding Market

The wedding market is growing year on year and the demand for beautiful wedding films is increasing, which is great for your business.


Are you drowning in the back-log of edits?

Our editing solution

The problem

The problem with filming weddings is the EDIT. Sadly some couples have waited beyond a year to receive their wedding film.

Why us?

We have 30+ years of wedding industry experience. We know all the fun & great parts of weddings and the painful ones too.


We’re here to help you get through your backlog of wedding films. All editing is done in the UK.

Premium service

If you’re one of those few companies that don’t have a backlog, you could still use WEDIT and sell it as a premium service to your customers by delivering your film within 4 weeks of their wedding – express delivery !

Focus on what yo do best, shoot and produce more weddings?

How it works

Step 1

We send you a hard-drive

Step 2

We edit, sound-mix and colour correct your wedding film

Step 3

Return hard-drive within 4 weeks

You-shoot + we-edit = Simple

If you’re busy making beautiful wedding films, and would rather focus on the couples and the shoot only, give us a call.