Scoring Viewer Behavior – Step 6


There’s more to video than meets the eye.
Underneath the compelling stories and special effects is a data goldmine. Due to video’s linear nature, it is an extremely trackable medium. Meaning you can see how much of a video viewers watch, what they skip, and what they re-watch. It’s a perfect picture of your audience’s digital body language: what topics they’re interested in and what buying stage they’re at.

Individual viewing data can help you qualify and score leads based on how much video they’re consuming and what topics they’re interested in, the longer they watch for, the more likely they are to be interested in your product or service. And the further the video is down the funnel, the higher the score for a certain completion rate. This can then help you to better qualify leads, build or improve nurture programs, and create or enhance audience segments.


8 Key Phases to create your own
Video Strategy Framework.


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