LVM LinkedIn Video Marketing

We live in world that is constantly being moulded by technology, leading the path for video to become the preferred medium as a way to consume content. Video humanises your brand, keeps the viewers attention, helps explain and support while also building brand rapport. This means that it is essential that we as business professionals adapt to these changes and get ahead of the competition.

LinkedIn is a powerful B2B tool that allows professionals to connect, share top tips and, if used correctly, has the potential to shape mutually beneficial and fruitful relationships.

Are you properly taking advantage of LinkedIn’s relationship building possibilities?

Using the benefits of LinkedIn and combining this with the power of video we have come up with an innovative LinkedIn Video Marketing product that will break the ice with new contacts on the platform, kickstart a worthwhile relationship, cementing valuable connections with existing contacts and essentially boosting your business.

The use of video in LinkedIn private messaging, is still in its infancy; meaning you stand out above all the ‘white noise’ on LinkedIn. You’re instantly perceived as forward-thinking, memorable and unique- and first impressions count!

That’s not the only reason why LinkedIn and Video cooperate so well. Our original process also makes the combination a favourable one. How?We work with you in a state-of-the-art studio and train with you at your own pace to devise a script that reflects your special personality and what your business offers while ensuring you come across as confident and comfortable in front of the camera.

Using our unique software, the introductory video you send generates a wealth of useful data, which is easy to follow and understand. It generates a ‘heat map’ which allow us to see who watched your video the most, which parts of your video they replayed most often, at which point they stopped watching and more.

This helpful information allows you to tailor the next ‘follow-up’ stages of your connecting process in a bespoke manner, tailoring your content to each individual based on their behaviour as they watched your introductory video.Make valuable connections that will develop into meaningful business relationships on and offline.

It’s an automated and streamlined ‘done-for-you’ system that is seamless and simple but with an important twist: it’s completely personal. It does away with old-fashioned B2B marketing and embraces H2H- human-to-human connecting, after all the person behind the LinkedIn profile that you’re sending your video message to is just that- another person and they value being treated like one.

LinkedIn Video Marketing enables you to establish meaningful relationships, providing you with real-time feedback. Picture it- no more pouring endless hours, energy and resources into sending multiple messages out to hundreds of people only for your content to fall on deaf ears. With LinkedIn Video Marketing, you connect and communicate with the right people who are interested in your business at the right time- no more demotivating and ineffective chasing!

For information on our unique approach to video marketing or to enquire about how we can help your business with our production and promotional services, please get in touch with us today