About Us


At the heart of BOXmedia are a talented creative team that specialise in bringing inspiring and successful video strategies to your company. We deliver solid solutions that positively impact and produce measurable results.

Integrating a video strategy is key to making a difference in the business world of today. With keen eyes for detail, our skilled team go the extra mile for every aspect of your video. We constantly update our approach, always keeping your professional video strategy aligned with your business, your customers, your message and your brand.

LinkedIn is the social media space for business owners and SMEs.

Marketing tools like cold-calling, SEO and traditional B2C social media are quite often not suitable for businesses where Business Development Managers and sales professionals are required to utilise a sales model that involves building trust and a strong relationship with prequalified clients.

LinkedIn Video Digital Marketing is key to discovering those clients who are signalling that they have an interest in working with you.

The insightful analytical data our system provides is simple to understand and is available 24 /7.

We are all about delivering B2B lead generation from new and existing connections on LinkedIn

Our approach is to create a simple Done-For-You personalised selling element for you and your marketing strategy.

This humanised approach that underpins the way we work will ensure that you stand out from the crowd, rise above the ‘white noise’ of LinkedIn and connect directly with your ideal clients.

We manage all the behind the scenes work in this seamless marketing processes and help you to successfully transition your online LinkedIn prospects into interested leads for you to follow-up with meetings and appointments to grow your business.

How does it work?

Every engaging campaign video is bespoke and unique to help you meet your business sales and marketing objectives. We make sure we fully understand your client avatar, target market, and services to shape your campaign according to your unique business profile. Take a look at some of our happy clients’ testimonials.

We’ll do all the heavy lifting at the beginning of the LinkedIn sales and marketing process.

You take over when your ideal client has clearly signalled they have an interest in you or your service, putting you in a position where you can do what you do best: getting the business moving forward and generating revenue.

It’s that simple. Please get in touch today.