Engage new connections, amplify your message and build your business, all through the power of LinkedIn.

Video may have killed the radio star but today video is the LinkedIn number one way to connect then it’s about Know Like Trust, how many times have you heard that?

The key to making your videos count is to build purposeful, measurable videos rather than random bursts of video action

This allows you to  reach out to those who engaged

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To do this you must

  • Connect your video to one direct action
  • Create a simple , emotion-driven story (we help you with this)
  • Track the response with  easy to understand, meaningful metrics (don’t worry this is all part of the system)
  • Reach out to those who engaged(We will put together bespoke responses for you )
Pay Monthly Messages per month Pay Annually
£125 Up to 75 messages per month £1,250
£150 Up to 125 messages per month £1,500
£175 Up to 175 messages per month £1,750


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