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21st December 2016 | Marketing Tips & Advice

Internal Communications with Business Doctors

Employee Engagement means having a clearly defined company purpose that is shared with each employee which, when managed correctly, produces positive and measurable results. It’s about having employees who feel pride and loyalty working for your organisation, and being great advocates of the organisation to your customers.

Employee engagement is about drawing on your employees’ knowledge and ideas to improve your products, services and be innovative about how your organisation works. Above all, engaged organisations are fun to work for and fun to work with.

This series of 3 short videos will explain what Employee Engagement is, why it’s important and how, using a few simple steps, you can begin to create an engaged organisation. If you would like help to implement these steps (and more) or would like to understand how video can help in all aspects of employee engagement, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Written by Jeff Long, Business Doctors and Rashpal S. Sagoo, BOXmedia


Why introducing an internal product update series via video is necessary – and fun

Most businesses have been there – sending out a carefully put together PDF (or a hastily drafted email) to introduce an important update to employees. Yet at the next day’s catch up, nobody has read it – or even looked at it.

Delivering information to staff in a meaningful, engaging way isn’t always easy. Efficient and effective communication can feel impossible – especially when everyone needs to receive and process information differently.

Briefing your whole company via video however is a solution everybody can get on board with. Brief, engaging and attention demanding, video is a medium with the capability to easily and effectively deliver information that will be understood and implemented. Here’s why your company should be investing in informative entertainment – and how creating and implementing an internal information video strategy has benefits for emotional wellbeing as well as efficiency.


Entertainment is key

When people are enjoying watching something, their attention is fixed upon it. It’s the psychology behind Netflix binge viewing. Without catching your employees’ attention, you might as well not be demonstrating anything to them at all. Whether you’re presenting a minor update or huge changes, engagement is imperative. And entertainment guarantees engagement.

Authentic concepts are catchy

Featuring genuine, authentic people and rhetoric in your video is important. Viewers can really connect with real people, real concepts and familiar language – so they’re more likely to sit up and listen if you incorporate an informal, enthusiastic environment. Plan ahead each week, tabling a list of concepts before shortlisting and seeing what works. Some will fly – others will fall, but whatever happens, make sure that the process is fun. When the staff in your video are enjoying themselves it will shine through the production itself and engage viewers.


Capturing and retaining attention

Once you’ve grabbed your employees’ attention, you’ve got to hold onto it for as long as it takes to deliver your message. There are a few ‘tried and tested’ methods for retaining attention – including:

Keeping it short: Ensure that each video always comes in under the 90 second mark. Anything more could have viewers checking their watches or slipping away to check emails. Don’t forget that your employees are busy and conscious of time – so you don’t want to take up too much of it with your video.

Fresh faces: People quickly get tired of the ‘same old’. However entertaining your key presenter may be, it’s good to mix it up frequently and introduce fresh faces to improve engagement. This could be external influencers or an opportunity for employees themselves to get involved.

Keeping them on their toes: Surprises always excite and engage – so punctuate your videos with the unexpected. Carefully placing unexpectedly entertaining nuggets throughout the video encourages viewers to keep on watching till the end.

Dangle the carrot: Enticing potential viewers with an incentive ensures that they’ll click through and watch your video – seeing it through until the end where they receive their ‘prize’.

After each video goes out, make sure you delve into your analytics so that you can continue to implement successful strategies, and learn from your mistakes.

Know your limitations

Aim for completion, not perfection. This video is designed to showcase a small slice of the action at your company on a regular basis – and taking the pressure off is likely to result in a better end product. The sound may not always be perfect, and perhaps you’ll go a little off script – but in the end, if it works, it’s been done properly.

Polish it up

Of course, that’s not to say that your ability and production value won’t improve as time goes on. As staff grow in confidence and learn and remember the new skills they learn as they produce the videos, they’ll naturally create more fluidly and successfully.

What does the future hold? Extending your strategy

Once you’ve mastered internal updates, you can then look to recreating similar success through producing videos for customers. External product updates are likely to be slightly different in nature, but the driving forces behind them remain the same. Keeping existing and potential customers informed and entertained in this way can only mean one thing – a better connection with clients – and greater profitability, retention and engagement as a result.

Need help integrating product information updates into your company strategy? Want to ensure that your team are involved and informed at all times? Speak to us today.


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