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WAIT! Do you know the 3 important reasons why you should join the FSB ? Federation of Small Businesses


Human Resource

FSB HR Services. As a member you will have on-demand employment legal advice

Do you employ people… that’s always interesting and challenging I’m sure you will agree

You have access to round-the-clock legal advice on all employment issues, online legal documents and insurance protection should you be taken to an employment tribunal, with cover up to £100,000 per claim. 


FSB Health and Safety Service. Access to the latest information on health and safety in the workplace, you will be able to talk to industry experts through our advice line

FSB Care Our medical welfare service is free of charge to our members, a personal nurse advisor will be on-hand.Long-term support for serious health conditions, including stress and depression. No pre-existing health exclusions as well as Jury service payment

FSB Cyber Protection Up to £10,000 cover for third party claims Up to £5,000 for first party claims – covers your own losses following a cyber attack. Unlimited use of the FSB Data and Cyber Advice Line 

FSB Connect regular business networking events, or our virtual networking, free to attend with hundreds of events across the UK


FSB Debt RecoveryStruggling to get paid , you have our experts right behind you.

FSB Tax Investigation Protection. Our former tax Inspectors will represent you during any HMRC investigation 

FSB Insurance. A company jointly owned by the FSB to deliver cost effective business insurance for you our member

FSB Business Banking. No charges for everyday banking services. Free to pay in up to £2,000 cash per month and super competitive payment card terminal rates

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