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23rd January 2017 | Marketing Tips & Advice

10 Tips for Creating Engaging Social Media Videos

As social media evolves, videos are fast emerging as one of the most effective and engaging types of media companies can share with their followers.

But as businesses start to explore the concept of video there are many questions and variables that arise. Of all these questions, the one that most concerns companies is ‘How can we share content that is going to really excite and interact with our target audience?’ After all, whatever you choose to share with your followers must be able to make a viable connection with them – in turn raising awareness of your brand and driving traffic to your business.

Here we share our top ten tips for creating engaging social media videos to help you improve your online presence and reach and connect with more members of your target audience.

01 Share content in line with your business objectives

The type of content you share should depend on what you want users to do as a result of viewing it – and how that benefits your business. You’ll need to consider your goals first before you begin so that you can determine the type of video you need to make, and how you will share it. For example, if you want to raise brand awareness a ‘how to’ video can share key information within your community and boost your authority and profile. If your key objective is to obtain new customers, a video showcasing the products or services you provide is more appropriate.

02 Recognise that video marketing is an evolving and ongoing process

10 Tips for Creating Engaging Social Media Videos 01 BOXmediaBe prepared to make video a frequent feature within your social media strategy. Simply piling resources into one shoot, sticking it up and hoping to experience results for the next few months simply won’t work. Users quickly get bored – and posting regularly provides you with an opportunity to continually test, try new approaches and improve. To remain front of mind for your customers and ahead of your competitors you’ll need to incorporate videos into your social calendar at least once a month.

03 Short and sweet is always better

Social media is primarily popular for its instantaneous nature – and as a result of our fast-paced, technology driven lifestyles we’re increasingly impatient. Research recently conducted by Wistia clearly demonstrated that there was a direct correlation between length and engagement. The longer the video, the steeper the engagement dropped off. Bottom line: keep it short, sweet and snappy.

04 YOU are the talent

Real customers connect with real people – real brands with genuine motivation and values behind them. Whilst it may seem like the right thing to do from the outset, hiring professional actors or spokespeople to feature in your video can be counterproductive. Instead work on your presenting skills and keep it in the family with a personal video presented by you and your team.

05 Preparation is key – write and learn a script

10 Tips for Creating Engaging Social Media Videos 02 BOXmediaIt’s tempting to put off writing a script because it feels difficult, then improvise in front of the camera and hope for the best. However it’s really important that you prepare a script to work from – in fact, the success of your video could hinge on it. Your script ensures that you are delivering all the necessary information in the correct manner – taking into account your objectives and target audience. Write, rehearse and only shoot when you’re ready.

06 Edit for each social network individually

All social networks are different, with different audiences and functionality. For this reason you’ll need to edit your video separately for each to ensure maximum success across the board. Gen up on each network’s video sharing characteristics, and decide how you will use them to your advantage optimise the content your share.

07 Complement with quality content

Don’t forget that whilst users’ attention may be focused on the moving picture in front of them, they’re likely to turn to the content accompanying it for context or further information. It’s key to make sure that the copy you share with your video highlights and enhances it rather than taking away from it or confusing the message you’re delivering. Don’t forget to tag relevant users and use hash-tags where necessary to further your reach and exposure.

08 Respond to all comments individually and meaningfully

10 Tips for Creating Engaging Social Media Videos 03 BOXmediaPeople love a personal touch – and the whole point of posting a video is to make a viable connection with others. Brand interaction on social media is key – with a massive 75% of consumers agreeing they’re more likely to share a positive interaction with a business online. This in turn means greater exposure and more potential custom for you – whilst ensuring the user will stay connected and keep on interacting with your brand.

09 Combine social analytics and video analytics for powerful insight

10 Tips for Creating Engaging Social Media Videos 04 BOXmediaCarefully examining and translating analytics is a key aspect of any marketing campaign. This enables you to get a real indication of how your users like to be interacted with – accurately displaying the positive elements of your strategy, and highlighting areas where there is room for improvement or necessary tweaks to be made. Take time to compare both your social analytics and video analytics together to see where you have found success on each, and whether the results correlate. This powerful data enables you to prepare more effectively for future campaigns, whilst tweaking and removing sticking points that could be blocking your video from greater success.

10 Adjust and repeat

Go back to your goals you set initially and make sure your new metrics actually help you address those goals. You really need to understand how you’re doing. Are your videos having the impact you want? Are you meeting your company’s goals with social media?

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